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January 31, 2010


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Pat Robertson has a lot in common with his cleric brethren in Iran:

"Iranian cleric: Promiscuous women cause quakes"


Nw, that's great news! Oregon is earthquake country. So...

Oh, just remembered: I'm married.

Well, promiscuity is good regardless. I guess putting up with earthquakes is the price that has to be paid for being able to say "the earth moved for me!"

Brian, they have heard your call:


Nw, this is a marvelous research study. Clicking on the link in your comment, I then was led by the Boob God's Grace to the Facebook page of the woman who had the idea to see if baring cleavage would lead to another major earthquake.

I found the photos area, which should be this link (for those who can log into a Facebook account):

I have only (happily) perused a few pages of photos. Some are very nice. If the Earth doesn't respond, i'm sure a lot of other people will.

I'd like to hear Pat Robertson's comments on this one: "'Touchdown Jesus' destroyed by lightning "


"The Touchdown Jesus( King of Kings) being ignited by lightning was a true Godsend that brought more media attention and curious people to the Word of Christ Almighty in a few days then it had for all the years previously-It will be rebuilt even larger than before!"

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