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January 05, 2010


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Yeah, Brit Hume's remarks surprised me. Generally he comes off to me as a pretty rational, level headed guy that doesn't venture much from conventional wisdom or take any risks. To some that opinion may be debatable but that is not the point of my comment.

Apparently Hume's faith in Christianity is so strong that to him suggesting that Tiger submit to Christ for redemption does not fall into a matter of personal faith but into a completely acceptable, rational and level headed solution to his personal problems.

To Hume, this solution is so obvious, so blindly accepted that he can't see that his position is tenuous, unacceptable, impossible or even outrageous to others not of the same faith which may include Tiger.

Hume apparently is not even aware that some forms of Buddhism do have redemptive practices which comes as no surprise given his comments.

Hume's remarks definitely fall out of the realm of news commentary and into the realm of preaching and therefore is out of place even in a news commentary format.

I imagine that this will blow over rather quickly since the majority of Americans are still Christians and aren't going to get too bent out of shape about this. After all, Christ is their lord too. Some polls even show the numbers of Christians are growing somewhat lately even though in total numbers more people than ever either do not consider themselves religious, are atheist/agnostic or have alternative beliefs.

Anyway, Fox executives will probably tell Hume to watch it and that will be the end of the story unless this is just the beginning of a full blown evangelical mission on Hume's part. I had heard he was planning on retiring, but that was a while ago.

Maybe he will be the next evangelist to get caught in a motel with a female (or male)(or both) "escort".

Maybe I am getting a bit too cynical.

Time to say good night.

Well, Finn, it is a little like jumping off a cliff, but the ocean below is cool and as natural as the jump.

And politics in a democracy is just a group of people elected by fellow citizens to distribute the taxes to benefit the people. When politcs and religion mix, well there's a great place for churchless people to splash a little water.

Brit Hume came across to me as a pompous idiot before I stopped watching Fox News which was before I stopped watching all televised news programs. What he said about Woods was ridiculous in the face of Mark Sanford (divorce pending) and John Ensign (criminal charges possible). These guys were out there in that Christian bragging world (which has nothing to do with the person they claim to follow who talked of praying in closets and doing your good deeds in secret). To feel good because you can do bad and just ask forgiveness to get absolved insures more doing bad-- or so it appears from the evidence to date.

To add to it, Hume is self-serving in this as he knew he'd be noticed, get the coverage he then got and somebody would be talking about him-- good for ratings with those he most desires to please. Not to mention he gets points in heaven for sticking up for his concept of god who needs that kind of blow-fest no matter what Christ said about it, I guess. *witnessing = more gold stars*

I wonder what religion was Tiger's dad. Did his dad have an influence on Tiger's infidelity? I think Bret Hume needed some shock media attention. Boy, did he get some. He doesn't care what any of us think.
FOX ratings will be high this week, and more money coming their way. This could simply be meda whoring at work here. happens all the time.

Hmmm... the mythological kettle just called the mythological pot [insert color here].

When you start taking seriously the comparative efficacy of various fantasies, I think you're mything the point. What's next? Getting in a snit over Big Bird's opinion on fairies vs. trolls?

I hadn't heard any of the stuff about Tiger and Buddhism, but coincidentally I've just written about the dark side of Buddhism http://spritzophrenia.wordpress.com/2010/01/06/the-dark-side-of-the-buddha/

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