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December 30, 2009


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Sorry. I was going to leave a long and cogent comment, but an alien God whisked me away while I was reading this post and she implanted in my brain the inability to write much...of...any.......t..h...i...n....g.

Before people thought they were kidnapped by aliens, they thought it was elves or fairies...

Hmm have you ever seen the show on the history channel Ancient Aliens? Pretty compelling stuff.. Check it out http://arcturi.com/GreyArchives/AncientAliensVideo.html

Good point, Rain. Spirits continue to be a popular source of discomfort and harrowing experiences, not to mention beneficial ones as well. And of course the "gods" that require human sacrifice or just the guts of a particular animal thrown ceremoniously at a certain point in a river....

Speaking of space aliens, see the movie "Avatar" where humans are the space aliens. Highly, highly recommended. Just a great sensorial experience in 3D and a valuable message as well.

I went with a friend - under sufferance - to view the film "Avatar", For nearly three hours I was bored witless. Just shows yer the differences, Tucson. I wanted to scream with relief upon leaving the cinema - a peak moment - freedom.
Elizabeth W

Elizabeth W,

What was it that was so boring about Avatar for you? Please be as blunt as possible, even insulting. No offence will be taken.

I've heard nothing but praise for the Avatar movie.

Have not seen or read that much on the Avatar movie, however, I'm getting an impression that the blue colored people are similar to our native americans. Their love and relationship for the land and animals. I may be wrong, however I hope the general theme is such. This may be an interesting topic for this blog.

Yes, the blue people have an intimate relationship with nature and could represent native americans or maybe even more closely the native amazonians. This movie reminds me a lot of an animated cartoon movie that came out in 1992 called "Ferngully" which I thought was very good and my kids certainly enjoyed it at the time. The basic theme is not new and has been touched upon numerous times in different ways.

What really sets "Avatar" apart is the mind blowing technology and audio-visual effects. See it in 3D at a modern theater with state of the art sound system and screening. I just don't see how someone could think the movie was boring unless they were on an overdose of benadryl or something.

I can imagine someone from the 1930's, when the original King Kong movie and the Wizard of Oz came out, thinking they had just had a great movie experience and then seeing Avatar. They would be absolutely blown away.

Yeah the special effects were out of this world. Phenomenal.

I think if one were a child, this would be close to star wars tho the characters were not as rich. Avatar got a bit overly PC preachy in places, with the plot ranging between mother-earth eco mysticism to colonialism and perhaps even the iraq war. General Arse-Kicker was definitely overdone and its hard to believe that in a more advanced human society, there'd be even less checks on the jarheads then now. Still, helluva movie, the 3D and effects were quite incredible and something only the US can do so spectacularly.

What was slightly disturbing, for me at least, was I found myself somewhat aroused by the 12ft tall feline warrior princess with a tail.

I think therefore I am
I think Aliens exist, therefore Aliens Exist
I think God exists but he doesnt

Yes, I remember some comments in the movie like, "You can't fight terror with terror". Definitely some PC stuff in there to please the ultra-left Hollywood powers that be and perhaps garner more award votes. I also have to confess to being surprised by my similar erotic response to the "feline warrior princess".

Tucson, it simply seemed an overworked sci-fi theme with a kind of over emphasis on special effects with actors geared up in colourful make-up to appear more watchable. Anyway it bored me rigid. To me, the film lacked "reality" - which is an essentisl element that most finely-made films manage to convey.
Oh well ...
Elizabeth W

My big decision is whether to see Avatar in 2-D or 3-D. I think I read somewhere that 3-D isn't quite as crisp as 2-D. But it sounds a lot cooler. I lean toward 3-D for the unique viewing experience. Advice?

Blogger Brian:

3D is definitely the way to go unless you have a sensitivity to 3D images which causes eyestrain, headaches etc. in some people. In that case the 2D version will still be worth seeing. The 3D version makes you feel more a part of the movie and enhances some of the special effects, colors, etc. and the sound quality is more sophisticated. Go to a modern theater for best results and enjoy.

Elizabeth W,
The immersion into another reality is what makes the film so enjoyable, IMO. Did you see it in 3D with a good sound system?

I also like realistic films. One of my favorites of all time was a Charles Bronson film called "Hard Times". This is a gritty, minimalist, bare bones movie in black and white about a depression era street fighter. Walter Hill directed it if you are familiar with his work.

However, I have a feeling you wouldn't like this film either. Kind of a guy's film. I'm guessing "The Ends of the Day" with Anthony Hopkins is more your cup of tea?

Correction to my comment above: I meant to say "The Remains of the Day" with Anthony Hopkins.

Blogger B: I have spoken with several people who have seen both versions of Avatar. 3D wins. I did speak to one girl who got a headache and nausea from the 3D.

We need to find evidence of aliens and god to show all the nonbelievers, here is a funny joke about space aliens in movies

I have a theory that there is a group like the Ferengi race that has special technology likely stolen from other races and are busy selling earth out and using it as their personal playroom and are always trying to use dictators for their own world system to *test drive* it seeing if mankind is primed enough yet for a one world slave system.

We are there toys but we are so used to it and conditioned that most of us will attack the rescuers much like that one episode in ST where Warf met his father and nobody wanted to leave the prison compound because they were too conditioned so he had to escape on his own.

That is what's going to happen on a global scale. Those who resist will either vanish or have to live in the wilderness when these aliens go full blown.

Now with Fushima still spilling over the ocean and not going to stop for 100,00 years our life in the ocean is going to be killed and we will experience a *broiler* earth on the west coast while the East Coast has Nuclear winter with snowstorms and floods.

It is planned for there not to be much of a wilderness left for people to hide out in.

The Ferengi like aliens will of course NEVER revel themselves until they absolutely know there is no chance of resistance then use the right words to get you to sell your soul to them like a good salesman pitch.

If they want you to sell yourself to a central banking system DON'T DO IT!!!!! Your soul is at stake here!

In fact despite being Sci Fi I think Star Trek is more in line with reality then Star Wars and has a LOT of content hidden in plain sight.

The Original Star Trek Series often used real world scenarios in their shows often sneaking in the Vietnam War in their episodes from time to time and other politics that were happening.

Most *Trekkies* didn't happen till way late and it was mostly re runs as a lot of people were watching the stupid version Lost in Space which is Star Trek doped up on Ritalin and teaches absolutely nothing.

Dad was one of the first people to get into Star Trek as a young child while all his friends were into Lost in Space and loved every bit of Star Trek when it was brand spanking new and it was not as well known.

Most fans got into it during the latter half when it was just about over and became re-runs.

There must be other life in the universe, alot of it.

It's not just a possibility, it's got to be highly likely, like 99% likely. If it's occured once on earth, where we are miniscule part of the cosmos, there must be plenty of life.

However, I suspect that intelligent life is rare and can only happen with the right conditions (ie luck). I suspect most planets are barren, and those where life is possible (eg with water), need several other stable conditions to allow simple organisms the time to evolve into intelligent life forms capable of space travel.

I suspect even the so-called Earth-like planets which they discover, 99% don't have intelligent life.

If the closes earth-like planets of hundreds of light years away, and Einstein is right, which is that the speed of light cannot be exceeded - then It surely is very unlikely we would make contact ET.

Einstein may be wrong and there may be other ways to circumvent the limit, eg, quantum entanglement or wormholes, but my guess is that Einstein is right. Also travelling anywhere near the speed of light is minute particles, the energy required to power large objects at anywhere near a tenth of these speeds is way way beyond our technology.

Also, while all our technologies are developing the universe confinues to expand at an exponential rate. So even if rudimentary life existed on anithrr planet by the time it had evolved it would be much further away.

I suspect its islands in an ever expanding ocean where the sea level keeps rising.

I reckon they visit us and are here amongst us sometimes. Probably different groups from other planets who may also be vying for domination of this little planet earth. They are so advanced they can disguise themselves as humans and we wouldn't know it if we fell over them. Our scientists are still way behind them when it comes to space travel. When they visit they cloak their spaceships so we can't see them but sometimes drop their disguise and some people get a glimpse (exciting).

There is a lot of disinformation about greys and reptilians and abductions which spread like memes to keep people confused and scared and controlled. Most people though are so easily brain washed and are only interested in celebrity worship and stuff. These alien visitors are not going to reveal themselves and people who are in the know won't talk about it, gotta keep people dumbed down. Although the pope has been revealing little bits of information.

I think humans have been genetically modified by visiting space aliens way in the past, like Sitchin writes about. We are a mixture of different races of beings. Genetics are important.

Of course there is also mind control and we can so easily be fooled, but hey its all a game. Enjoy :)

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