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November 14, 2009


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Sagan's 'Cosmos' was in general mind-blowingly good tv.

the intellect seems to generally be frowned upon by mystic traditions, but if one stops to contempla the mystery and magnitude of the universe, it is i believe rendered even more awr-inspiring when understood through science. This can in itself lead to somegthing akin to a religious expiernce in its seeminly transcental-like majesty, which is possibly how einstein saw it.

sagan seemed fairly open-minded too in that he tried to find evidence for paranormal claims and was less dismissive of a god than many of his contemporaries. One wonders tho how conistently he followed his own convictions? His piano example above could be applied to god for which there is also no evidence.

only the mystic truly understands or realizes the true capacity of this universe, and the rest, while the intellectual scientist grasps at straws with his dim level of perception. Like trying to bend an envelope beyond its capacity, 1 into 0 infinity cannot go.

Who would this mystic be? Nothing wrong with truly understanding or realizing the true capacity if this universe, and the rest. Ok, ok just tell what you mean by capacity? Then, I will go away. Thanks, Roger

The problem really is not the intellect, it automatization of the intellect.

Meditation efforts = "Thus, de-automatization may be conceptualized as the undoing of automatization."

"In contemporary psychology and philosophy, the 'I' usually is not differentiated from the physical person and its mental contents. The self is seen as a construct and the crucial duality is overlooked." Awareness and the content of awareness.

A strong argument in favor of Diekman's view is the "crucial duality" he distinguishes.

Can you imagine an "I" arising solely as a conglomerations of content ?

Observation without an observer ? It would be the first non-dual discovery ever. That is, the first example of non-dualism. Everything we know is dual. I don't have to explain that, Check any philosophy or any school of thought.

So according to Diekman, there is Awareness and the contents of the mind. I=awareness, Everybody has the same name "I". We know awareness by being it. This also the problem of the infinite regression presented by the "observer of the observer" reduction.

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