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November 13, 2009


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There is one another trend also, backing your claims with wrong scientific claims but with a straight face, among the audience who doesn't understand science :) See this video

Your brain will hurt after watching it. There is no mass in universe!! Poor Einstein!

sapient, I managed to watch two minutes of the video before I felt my head beginning to explode, so I stopped. Of course, since there is no mass in the universe, nothing would have exploded, I guess. Or I could have taken a homeopathic treatment, which probably would have solved all my problems -- including Exploding Brain From Idiocy Syndrome.

well guys, here are two links to a cool musical video that, if watched and listened to carefully, should help to prevent the "idiocy syndrome":



...and please pass it on others who may suffer from the syndrome as well.

“Science now a religion”? Perhaps it is more accurate to say that, for some people, science can become more of a belief system. This generates reassurance for intellectual understanding of the mysteries of the universe.

No need to defend science but be wary of the personal belief systems which can keep us stuck in what we are comfortable with and stop further development in the search for truth.

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