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November 22, 2009


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...to me, Unitarian Universalism is exactly that...

It might be better for me to explain a little bit more.

To me, Unitarian Universalism (UU) is exactly a Godless church without dogma or blind belief doing Godless rituals for non-believers. UU, as the name hints, is certainly of Christian origin but, under the influence of religious humanism, they have removed all God-language from their hymns and rituals. Today, UU can be seen as a "church" (religious community) for religious humanists, freethinkers, atheists, etc. who value a shared religious life.

UU ?? i yawn.

Alex, UU is indeed a good example of a churchless church. Some relatives of my wife belong to a Unitarian group and enjoy it a lot. Plenty of open interesting discussion and fellowship.

I've been to a few Unitarian churches. They can be a bit too close to a traditional service for my taste, what with the choir, prayers, sermon, and such.

Still, I like the discussion groups, meditation classes, and the like. If the Unitarian church here in Salem was closer, and had its service at a more convenient time for me, I'd probably attend once in a while.

"I'm always interested in hearing how the churchless worship without dogma, hierarchy, or blind belief."

---So what is it that I need to worship in a churchless way? Let's work on that first before the need or no need for dogma, hierarchy, or blind belief.

Roger, what I meant by "worship" is what many people feel in a godless way: a sense of wonder, mystery, amazement when life is experienced as what it is (or at least seems to be).

A brief blip in a 14 billion year old universe. A short ride on a planet circling a star in a galaxy with several hundred billion other stars in a universe with several hundred billion similarly sized galaxies.

Here we are. Doing whatever we're doing. Not knowing where all this came from or where it is going, nor what will happen in the next moment.

It's a marvel. And that is what I was thinking of when I spoke about "worship."

Yes, the word worship could simply be replaced with wonder, mystery, or amazement.
With a healthy minimum of dogma, hierarchy or blind faith.

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