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October 05, 2009


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Great article. I enjoyed it very much.

I know exactly what you mean, Brian. For some crazed reason, I decided this post needed to be read right to left and upside down. So, what's that you said about the heliport on the moon? :D

"Do what thou wilt" - Crowly

Live By It:


I bought my son this exact T from a VA HD shop in 2009 I think as I travel from GA to see family (I recently had picked up another HD, after many years and stopped at a few HD shops to buy Ts). I and my son are Christians and believe Christ died for our sins, but my son can be seen ironically in many family pics wearing this T-shirt! Some trigger happy LEO shot and killed him in his own back yard last year as his mother called 911 for help to get him to a mental facility! But your modern, post Rodney King, LEO sent him to the morgue instead! I got on Google just now to see if I could find a T-shirt like this he favored and come across an anti-Christian of all things post! But mine and my son's faith in Christ helps me know he is finally without pain and with his granddaddy! Thank God and thank God we live in a free USA to believe how we want to believe! RIP Blake and Dad, RIP!

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