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October 25, 2009


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Thought -- just like everything else -- evolves. The folks I feel most sorry for are the ones who never allow their beliefs to grow. They get an idea in their head in adolescence or young adulthood and willfully refuse to consider any new information or to reexamine their beliefs in light of their experiences.

You are not one of those types. You regularly take your beliefs out for a spin around the block and, because of this, they change, morph and coalesce in different shapes over time.

don't be too hard on yourself, no-one knows anything absolutely (tho the mystics would probably disagree), perhaps the intelligent design theory is correct, but the evidence is in favour of evolution, overwhelmingly so.

It takes someone with an openmind to actually interrogate and change their own beliefs, that is genuine introspection imo, which is far more important then what one believes at any point in time.

If you are truly willing to evolve, you might someday have a mystical experience that will change your mind again and being open to that is the difference between a fundamentalist, whatever they call themselves otherwise, and someone who will grow and change through life. And the neat thing is to be free to do that, not locked in to any dogma (even agnosticism or atheism) that would prevent it. That's really living life to the fullest and not needing an answer that one clings to no matter what else happens.

The key lesson to take from this could be that whatever we think/believe at anyone time, we invariably presume that we have it 'right'.
The beliefs/understandings may change but the idea that our current viewpoint is the most accurate reamins throughout life.
And this invariably includes the thought belief that if someone doesn't see things my way, then they have it 'wrong'.
THAT confidence in our own infallibilty give or take a few minor details, has NOT CHANGED.
That remains the constant.
E.g You thought your view was correct then. You think your view is correct now.
Belief in our own rectitude applies to most people on the planet, despite the varying and conflicting number of viewpoints on any given subject.
As a 'desert father' known now as 'Saint Anthony' once wittily and perceptibly said/wrote (this being a translation into english of course):
"people hold to their opinions not because they are accurate, but because they are theirs."

When I come across evidence of my old beliefs, I am just delighted and amazed at how I am continuously changing in how I view the world. It keeps me from getting too preachy, that's for sure! Who knows what I might think next week.
Letting go of Catholic theology was much easier than the New Age/Eastern stuff and especially the language: karma, reincarnation, etc.

I have a commitment to attend to the heart. The heart speaks an entirely different language and moves at a different pace than the intellect, even the conscious intellect.
One must slow down to a felt perception to enjoy the language of the heart.

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