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September 30, 2009


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Yes, the sellers of salvation are the great manipulators.

I was in a court case earlier this week and the magistrate forgot to ask me to swear the 'truth, so help me god' bit. I won the case without it.

Wright said:

"his [jesus] followers believed from early on that the faithful would be admitted to the "kingdom of heaven"

"what Mark had called the "kingdom of God"

"the kingdom of God was going to be on earth"

"Problem was, years and decades passed with no earthly kingdom of God in evidence."

"Jesus supposedly said that the kingdom of God was "at hand," but it never showed up."

-- well the thing is, jesus (supposedly) had said that "the kingdom of God is at hand". but what does that mean? that is the question. that was not necessarily intended to mean what people have assumed it to mean, as some actual kindom on earth or some kindom up in heaven.

jesus (if he really did exist) quite possibly may have meant that the kingdom of god, or the spiritual world, is really here all the time... but we can not see it with mundane eyes.

that it is actually already present, that the kingdom of god is the earth and all of nature. but man in his folly sees the earth as mundane.

perhaps he meant that this world that we live in, is not mundane but really spiritual, that this world (not some other) is really the kingdom of god, if we can have the eyes to really see it as it it really is.

What is the difference between the mundane and the spiritual? Is something better when it gets labeled spiritual?

".... that this world (not some other) is really the kingdom of god..."

---So, Jesus, what is this god, that needs a kingdom? Jesus, just tell me what you really mean.

Two thoughts. First, back in the days when I was a Christian, I understood the "kingdom of God" as Tao has posited here. It was a state of mind, not an actual other place.

Secondly, Brian wrote, "Like, how religious leaders -- whether of East or West, a guru or the Pope -- basically are selling salvation. Not for money, usually, but in exchange for buying into a belief system."

Actually, me thinks it has a lot to do with money. I'm not suggesting that is the SOLE reason, but I think it plays a key role.

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