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September 14, 2009


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Can I request that you also adopt the "Challenge the message, not the messenger" policy and do not disrupt the thread because you suspect the messenger once used another name or broke the rules. An earlier thread erupted into a mass of flames because you chose to challenge the messenger rather than the message. So my request is that you too follow the same rules (and administer) that you set out for others. Can you do this please?

JAP/Obscrene, if you follow the commenting rules I've laid out, you'll have no problems on this blog. If you break the rules, your comments will be deleted or edited. Pretty simple.

[Using the powers of Almighty Blogger, Me, I shall allow one last comment by Obscrene to appear on this Holy Blog, as shown below, interpolating my own Divine Comments in between his Trollishness -- Blogger Brian]

For reasons unclear, Brian keeps deleting my comments, even though they fall well within his guidelines.

[No, they are not. This blog's guidelines prohibit troll'ish conduct: Commandment #6: "No trolling." The (semi) sentient being known as Obscrene has persisted in disrupting this blog, and by the powers vested in Me by Me, I have determined that he is deemed...Troll.]

It appears that Brian does not wish to abide by his own rules, wanting the freedom he is not prepared to allow others. Further, Brian does want to be able to delete contributors comments as and when he feels fit, for reasons he has no obligation to divulge.

[Wrong. I have divulged those reasons in this Very Holy Post, under the Supreme Commenting Policies:

But you are correct in one regard: I do have one freedom others do not. I administer this blog, and others do not. That's because I pay TypePad to host this blog, and I put considerable time and energy into providing a place in the blogosphere for the Churchless to worship spiritual independence. So, yes, I have the unique freedom to delete troll posts, and others that do not meet the commenting policies.]

While this is of course Brians right as blog owner, it completely contradicts the stated purpose of this blog, open debate.

[Strike two: Another wrong! Open debate is what trolls like Obscrene try to inhibit. Banning them produces a much more pleasant place to discuss substantive topics. Read all about their nefarious tactics:
http://www.flayme.com/troll/ ]

For those who do read this comment, do not expect it to be here for very long, I can almost guarantee that Brian will delete very soon

[Wrong again! Strike three. You're out!]


Nice one Brian! thank God for sanity!.

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