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August 28, 2009


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Shiloh wrote: "What I cannot accept is the claim (A) that only Sant Mat adherents experience sound, light and astral projection,.."

--That is not true. Sant Mat admits that other mystics, yogis, etc. experience sound and light. However, it does say that ONLY "perfect" Sant Mat masters and their initiates have access to sound and light from the HIGHEST region.

If I were considering this path I would ask the master how I can know that he has access to the "highest" region. His answer would be to do the meditation and see. But if I am going to devote my life to this practice I want something more to go on than just his say-so, expecially if it may take 3-4-5 decades or even death and future lifetimes to accomplish this.

I mean, we don't even trust used car salesmen's claims about the condition of a car they are selling. Why on earth do we believe some dude in a turban who says he is God and is here for our salvation? It's a bit of a stretch, don't you think? I'm more likely to trust the used car salesman.

Shiloh wrote: ".. and (B) that its guru is a perfect living master (divinity incarnate) with an ability to raise his disciples to the ultimate in spiritual heights, to protect them from astral ‘monsters’ and from the consequences of their deeds – i.e. sparing them from endless karma-fraught future lives."

--This is a truly remarkable and supernatural (magical) claim that the masters make with a straight face. It could be true, but how in the world is an ordinary mortal to know if the so-called master can do this or not and thus devote their lives in devotion to him?

If I were to walk into a restaurant and claim that I am:
A) An incarnation of the highest God and Lord of the universe of universes
B) Can guide you through obstacles in other dimensions of consciousness to the highest spiritual realm
C) Can administer your karma (destiny) in the most efficacious manner to expedite your spiritual liberation.
D) That you must put down your forks and not eat any more steak if you want all this to happen

I think the only steak leaving the forks would be the pieces aimed at me.

I congratulate you on your great good fortune.No doubt your sisters acceptance of Nam will lead to your salvation as well.Mileage may vary...LOL

If she's married it will put a strain on the relationship.If single all the elidgible males or males in relationships with non rs girls will give her lots of attention.

The whole thing for me was a pretty special thing and simply met needs not obtained via the family and culture of my birth...very mundane ordinary psychological needs that I attributed to Grace and the Master....and caused me to buy into the kookiest things.

Dear sister,
It's just a matter of personal choice.I feel, we can help them by encouraging them to dig deeper and vast before making a choice. If we are sincere about their well being, we should be more understanding and more generous towards them and try to offer them something of greater value.
We should try to find out their needs and try to make those fulfilling things available to them.
We can go for research in the fields of their interests and find something the best for them.
As long as there is life, there is hope.
So, keep going.
Regards and best wishes,
Affectionately yours,

I too have been initiated onto the RS path. I found it by doing a lot of trying different things and having experiences in meditation that led me to or away from different practices. I think it's normal from what I can tell with more years and maybe experience that no matter what the practice or religion- it gets tarnished by the human-ness of those who practice it. Just like there are in Christianity those "church mice" who are seemingly looking for something outside of themselves to worship; the same can happen in RS even though the "master" seems to get put off by any kind of worshipping of himself. He just has to deal with it. What I think he represents is someone who is just a man- with a job, family, etc.. who has practiced and realized an openness and high level of consciousness and become what we are all capable of becoming with our own work. I must say that I've stopped going to satsangs for similar reasons to those that made me become less interested in church when I was younger. Mainly that people's egos get too entangled in a group setting and things like competitiveness come into play where they shouldn't. Regarding your sister- I think I'd worry less about her as she's focused on her own spiritual growth and I think that only good comes of that- even if for now she's going through a phase of focusing on trying to not live and act out of her own ego and will by turning that over to someone she believes she can trust. If she can't she'll find out... it's all learning and it's all good!


While I agree with you on some things you said, I don't agree on two points.

One point is where you say: "it's all learning and it's all good".

And the other point is where you say: "What I think he represents is someone [...] who has practiced and realized an openness and high level of consciousness and become what we are all capable of becoming"

I disagree with the first point because, although it may be a "learning" experience, its definitely not "all good".

Many people have been very damaged, have suffered and have been treated badly, and have had terrible experiences at the hands of spiritual gurus and guru-cults. And the RS cult is no exception. The facts are all there. So it is not "all good", as you claim.

I also disagree with the second point because you do not actually know for a fact that "someone", namely the master/guru, "has practiced and realized an openness and high level of consciousness".

You also don't know that the master/guru has actually "become what we are all capable of becoming".

These may simply be your own personal feelings and opinions and beliefs, and that is alright... but then you should make that clear, instead of asserting it as if it is a statement of fact.

Lots of people have been led to believe as you do. But that does not make what the believe true.

And I think its important for people like you to recognize and understand that there is a difference.

I feel for you Shiloh. I followed this path for 25 years. What a waste of time and effort. What a charade. But then, as the saying goes, none are so blind as those who will not see!


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