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August 10, 2009


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With reference to your last paragraph, please help us to provide you with the class and style and relevance of comment:

Is the topic of this post of the form, "today we will discuss Sartre, here are some quotes, discuss, and send in your comments for marking"

Or is this more related to your enjoyment of reading Sartre, perhaps of the form, "I enjoy reading Sartre, do you, if not send in your reasons"

Or perhaps there is some other message such as, "I believe that these quotes from Sartre support my philosophy, thereby lending credence to my blog, send in your comments"

Or is this just a simple "look at me and what I am reading / have read"

To help us out, some guidelines and pointers would be really helpful

JAP, sorry, can't help you. Think like Sartre: you're free! Comment on Sartre in any fashion you like.

As you have now removed the last paragraph to which I referred, my comment is no longer applicable.

good post.

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