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August 12, 2009


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interesting but i believe that u have to be living to see auras


I can see auras but they are not just around people. They are energy waves that go out from living beings. You can see them around trees, and all it takes is concentration. To me auras make total sense from a scientific viewpoint. We are beings of energy. Why would we think that energy ends at the visible flesh? We are made up of atoms and yet we find auras to be mysterious? Not at all in my opinion. I don't see colors, just the energy radiating outward, but I had a friend who did, but she was a mystic and I am not.

I had my photograph taken twice for aura colors and it's what you described. I had hoped for something a bit more spiritual but mine was bright red, orange and gold-- both times. My husband also had his done twice and again they were pretty much the same. One was at a metaphysical bookstore and the other one of the psychic fairs a couple of years later. I went looking for where I had a photo of mine online from a time when I wrote about auras but it was in my older blog: http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/76/564/1600/Auracorel.jpg

I have been told by those who see auras that mine stretches out quite a ways. I suspect that varies with our energy.

Why didn't you tell me you were going to put up a post about auras? I would have saved this article I came across awile ago about a study that showed the body emits low level light. They attributed this to purely physical causes not metaphysical. Very scientific and all that.

Like Rain I am able to see light or energy around people, animals and even supposedly inanimate objects like rocks or even cars. This energy field varies a great deal in intensity and quality. Sometimes it has color, sometimes it is similar to the energy waves of a mirage in the desert with no particular color.

To see this I have to clear my mind and gaze with concentration but without intention. Difficult to explain. Sometimes I can tell if the energy is benenficial or not or if the object/person is healthy, energized and aware or not. It's no big deal. I think most people can do this if they practice a little. I have been able to appreciate certain people, animals, trees, campsites, etc., and avoid others using this technique.

I used to occasionally go to a doctor who would be sitting on the opposite side of the room when you went to see him. As soon as you walked into the room you could feel his attention latch on to you. He said he was able to see how various organs and bodily systems were functioning, make diagnosis and determine treatment by looking into the aura. He was highly regarded by many who went to him.


The above is a video of James Randi testing an aura reader.

Worth a read:

The last paragraph sums it up, (salt)

Or perhaps the viewer of auras is experiencing an episode of transient focal neurologic symptom?


Anything the camera captures will depend on the technolgy used by the camera to capture the image, specifically the electro-mangnetic light spectrum. If its a heat sensitive camera it will depend on the body temperature of the individual, his/her physical condition, anatomy, hair covering, etc. Ppl have different fingerprint, it means nothing other than we are all unique, same with DNA.

The 'cameras' such as did mine are simple Polaroids and not capturing the colors. They are doing what Brian described, using the impulse from the finger and deciding what that means in terms of color. They create the color. I don't know how they figure out how far out to have the color extend but in those photos, it does vary. There are other kinds of cameras but the ones I have seen at the fairs are of that simple type. I have not talked to anybody who actually sees colors in auras regarding whether mine would be red.

As to it being transient. Auras are always there. We just don't look for them or concentrate on seeing them. What tucsoN described is what I believe about them. There is no reason to question their reality as they have zero 'spiritual' significance. Yes, the old masters painted them around saints but sinner or saint, we all are energy and we have them. The world is energy why would that present a spiritual dimension to auras? I don't see them as relating to a 'soul' if that's what some have been suggesting.

I think we sense auras whether we see them and it's why sometimes we feel our space invaded even though someone else isn't physically touching us. That can be positive or negative for how we feel about it.

Hi Guys
This photo was taken with a polaroid and I was not attached to any electroids. The reader was very accurate when she swithched off the mike that was recording the reading, I told her she was reading more than the photo. The lady wanted to tell me something very personal and unfortunately I was with a friend who had very bad ulterior motives, who didn't want me to find out about my potential. He wasn't sitting with me but she did want to warn me (he's still a satsangi). Later on I did realise what she was talking about.

Even with all our optical knowledge and experience, cameras are not perfect

Whislt I'm certain people believe they do see auras, without a doubt actually, I watched a docu on the 'machines' that purport to do the same.

OMG, they are beyond pseudo-science! It's worth doing a search for the docu (I think it may have been the BBC?) - because it shows how & why they work, and why they have absolutely nothing to do with peoples personalities or what not - and why, in controlled experiments, they are of practically no use because it is indistinguishable from day to day, person to person etc. But without the double blind experiments, people are liable to the star sign effect and interpreting the 'results' positively, if they are new-age inclined....

So why do we believe so much in the Masters Radiant form????

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