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July 01, 2009


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I don't know how anyone can argue with what you are saying. When religion denies what is reality, like sun and planets do not revolve around the earth, it is religion that should adjust. They should be compatible and there is no reason they cannot. Where there is a will though man will find a way :)

Incredible argument
Brian, I so admire your clear logic and original argument - to me, you are GOD

Wow! We're so much in agreement! Of course, there could be a touch of irony in your praise. But I prefer to take you literally. Yes, I am God. Now, if only my wife and dog would recognize my divinity...

Dear Brian
I have been reading your blog for some time, keeping quiet behind my computer - but - you bring a fresh view to life which is inspiring and, what shall I say, just plain sense.
I used to follow the path of Sant Mat, but, your answers drawn from a variety os verifiable sources, not only make so much sense, but allow room for the simple "I dont know" response. Can someone about to drop a handful of marbles be any less knowledgeable because he does not know where they will end up? Is God only God if he knows everything? Guru Brian, I am proud to be your disciple !!

Dear Brian,

Your dog and wife already recognize your divinity. But do not ask them please.

In fact, the nature is God's creation and you are a part of it. Further, you are undoubtedly a scientist.

Your admirer is not wrong and you can register a similar gesture from myside as well.

Unfortunately, blogs do not facilitate rounds of applause or standing ovations - perhaps we can all send Brian a few lines of gratitude? A show of support of his supremely balanced intellect and our continued desire to follow his example (as Brians disciples) can surely do no harm

Ooh, don't use the term "disciples" around here. No disciples allowed. I'm all about spiritual independence. (However, "fawning admirers," particularly if they're beautiful and female, are certainly welcomed.)

Oh, please forgive me, Brian, I was unaware that some words upset you or went against the rules of your blog.
Your wishes are our command.

Thank you for your prompt obedience. I intuit that you are not a beautiful female fawning admirer, but your devotion to Me is much appreciated nonetheless.

Fortunately, there are few commandments on this blog that may be transgressed. Not thinking for yourself is one of them, which is why my God-self reacted to the word "disciple."

To Brian Admirer:

I do NOT support your goofy "disciple" BS. In fact, its somewhat disgusting and annoying.

This site is not about fawning over Brian. There are other much more meaningful ways to show your respect and your support of Brian, besides all this stinking "admirer" and "disciple" garbage. We are (mostly) all independent thinkers here, so that kind of kiss-ass rhetoric is frowed upon and not welcome in my opinion. You are only showing what a dim-witted loser you are. And I don't care even if your foolishness is meant only in jest (which I rather doubt). It still gives other less informed readers a wrong impression. This blog is all about "spiritual independence"... and we are not just a bunch of stupid groveling "disciples", like your sorry ass.

Bottom-line: If you want to ADMIRE Brian, thats fine... but keep it confined to yourself alone. Don't be including the rest of us in your kiss-ass comments.

Dear Brian and +Ao
disciple like behavior is not accepted, I will take great care to avoid this word, I can already see the anger it has provoked in +Ao. Admiration must not be expressed, but inwardly digested, thankyou +Ao for your well meant advise, you really have a way with words that gets the message across in clear and direct manner. Its a little confusing to a me as a new commenter to this blog, if my independent thinking should include admiration and respect for Brian, I cannot express it directly, but must find more meaningful ways. What is more meaningful than direct expression?

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