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July 03, 2009


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very clever man this.

Its quite something to see an obviously extremely intelligent questioning man of a certain age thats undoubtedly seen and thought alot about the world and our meaning and yet comes to the conclusions that we all have, which is that no-one appears to be quite sure why we are here.

The religious and mystical might claim to know, but deep down are they not the ones who are obsessively concerned with this issue to the point of faith?

I dont know, but i think it is worth exploring the mystical take since these traditions have struggled with these questions of meaning long before science arrived on the scene.

One thing is for sure that a proper scientist, like feynman, truly shows how not to be arrogant, not to claim all the answers, to doubt, to be skeptical, to be imperfect - this is what worries me about some of the mystical traditions that have 'perfected' gurus. i just find it too hard too believe, yet it sure is an ennobling part of the human species to reach for such perfection and higher morality.

truth be told richard feynman does come accross as a bit arrogant and self-absorbed on some of the other videos.

this clip seems to be of him as a slightly older wiser individual

One of my favorite scientists.

I have not watched yet it but some big mainstream hitters from different perspective in the panel ... should be interesting ...
and it is about science ...


the elephant/others,

This is a very nice mainstream pro-science discussion.

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