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July 07, 2009


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George said: "there is a very definite agenda at play here amongst the 3 highpriests."

--Well, there aren't many others regularly participating on this blog so naturally we have a disproportionate presence. However, this doesn't mean that we are in collusion in some "agenda". Just what is this agenda?

Maybe you think that since we happen to agree on the non-metaphysicalness of Taoism and have philosophical similarities that this means we like to team up and browbeat those (you) who choose not to see things the same way. Maybe this makes you a bit defensive and thus deliberately contrary?

We're not out to get you George.

If this were a political forum, for example, I think you would find that us "highpriests" would rapidly diverge in different directions in such a way that no one would think for a minute that we had a mutual agenda to get together and browbeat people. We just happen to agree in the current subject area.


Thank you for your honesty. I hope you don’t leave, you’ve brought a breath of fresh air with your (imo) balanced approach.

You’re a true questioner and persistent in your courage in deconstruction, which I thought, was what this site is all about. I think you clearly see all sides of the situation and deal with others with a sense of humour (I have a British background and I love the Poms).

One thing you seem to be seeking here… you ask: “Where is the consistency?”

I like what Brian said: “… but in the end the cosmos is a mystery -- even science agrees about this -- so each of us has to choose how we deal with mystery”. He also posted this: "The practice of Chinese philosophy can lead you to self-realization. But then, an hour later, you'll want to find yourself again."

Sometimes we go with the flow… not forgetting there is the ebb as well… :)

In the entire discussion, the existing literature is being quoted in favor of understanding of Taoism in some way or the other. If the same literature can co-exist elsewhere, it can also exist in this blog as well without letting one or the other down.

It all depends upon the owner of the blog.

I feel, “I AM O.K. YOU ARE O.K." may slightly do better.

I take this blog as a source of vast information on all topics minus mudslinging on one another.

I am sorry if my words hurt somebody.

"George, Thank you for your honesty. I hope you don’t leave, you’ve brought a breath of fresh air with your (imo) balanced approach."

-- Huh? About as much "honesty" and "fresh air" as a constipated rhinocerous with his horn stuck up his ass. Btw Jen, did you happen to lose a few marbles over the weekend?

"You’re a true questioner and persistent in your courage in deconstruction"

-- Questioner my ass. And about as much true "deconstruction" as one can with the horns of a hare.

"which I thought, was what this site is all about."

-- Still looking for those marbles eh? Go look in: "About this site--start here" in the welcome menu.

"I think you clearly see all sides of the situation..."

-- You mean all sides of of his own narrow-minded opinion?

"...and deal with others with a sense of humour"

-- Oh you must mean like the humour of his ridicule and designation of anything outside the confines of traditional christian religious dogma and the dogma of Santmat theology and mysticism as being "flakey"? ...such as: buddhism, ch'an, taoism, dzogchen, advaita vedanta, shaiva siddhanta, raja yoga, jainism, sufism, and other more or less ancient esoteric non-dogmatic traditions?

"Sometimes we go with the flow"

-- But he doesn't think there is any "flow".

I haven't found George's comments to be too extreme and he seems to see all sides of the picture. I realize he does challenge but is usually fair and polite and I enjoy reading his comments.

Very nice you Jen, are you australian?

But it is their site afterall, and clearly there is going to be more mudslinging, which i do not want it to descend into, its not that important in any case, but i thank you, elephant and robert for your balanced sentiment.

Go well

Hi George,

My ancestors were from England, my parents from Kent and I grew up in Africa and now live in Australia. I still have a quite a strong attachment for the ‘old country’. I agree, this is Brian’s site, although I also think he enjoyed your questions. I certainly do, good to hear all sorts of viewpoints on different subjects.

This is so Un-Bruce Lee

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