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July 27, 2009


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Dear Brian (and all others),

I remind you of my 4/28/06 @ 10:40 AM response to your referred-to essay about "God-man or Asshole?...."

Robert Paul Howard

I do not know who is God. Yet I believe that this world can not run at its own.

Further, in presence of my master, I feel a soothing sense which puts me on top of the world. It imparts me with a humble and soft sense that I begin to love even the minutest sand grain on this earth.

I do not want to go to heaven, hell or sachkhand. The time spent in the presence of my master or in his remembrance is my price possession.

These feelings a teenager can also find in the company of his/her beloved. One can give it any sobriquet. Your companion is your God if a sense of elation is evoked within you. God need not necessarily be visible in any form. It is more of a feeling rather than an entity.

Some people need to put their faith in 'god', other entities, other people or objects, anything but themselves. No value judgement is herein entailed. There is a psychological warmth and health often in people of profound faith. Well that is my experience. Many people who are sarcastic, embittered and overly questioning are profoundly unhappy and pained. I am new to your weblog and I really appreciate it. I feel positioned to outline that you failed to engage the function of faith and whether or not that holds virtue. The function of faith in the human condition and how it qualiifes a person's experience is a worthwhile meditation in my humble opinion.


Faith obviously confers comfort. Where there is comfort, there is ease/peace/happiness/security which is the feeling you experience from some people of faith. That is faith's blessing and also its curse. The complacency of faith may preclude a greater truth.

faith is the crutch of losers.

the strong and the fearless, the sober and courageous, they have no need for the weakness that is faith.

only a fool says: "I do not know who is God. Yet I believe that this world can not run at its own."

only a fool feels: "in presence of my master, I feel a soothing sense which puts me on top of the world."

only a fool thinks: "The time spent in the presence of my master or in his remembrance is my price possession."

only a fool believes: "Your companion is your God"

only a fool needs: "heaven, hell or sachkhand"

well, I DO SAY that Sant Mat gurus are definitely con-artists. Because, if people are saying that you're divine, and you know that you aren't, this is clearly a false pretense, a con, which is also known as a LIE.

any guru who is held out to be: "God in human form, someone who had taken on the task of saving souls from karmic imprisonment and returning them to the highest spiritual realm", but who KNOWS that he is NOT, is a liar, a con-artist, a fake, a fraud.

the simple truth is that there is NO God-in-human-form. So any human being who allows themselves to be thought of as that, or who claims to be that, is both promoting and perpetuating a LIE.

any "guru [who] would accept people for initiation knowing that he wasn't able to to fulfill that promise, that it was a sham", is clearly a liar and a fraud, and therefore not a genine 'guru' (which means one who brings light and truth unto others who are in darkness). For how can a liar, a fraud, be a light of truth unto others? =

and it does not matter how many millions of fools and suckers (the believers of the Lie and the followers and disciples of the Liar) think or believe otherwise.

Here is the closest thing to a God-in-Human-Form one will ever see:


Dear Pagan Viking,

I am glad to note your knowledge about fools.

with regards,

Here is what is coming very soon, if the many fools amongst you humans do not stop their destructive anthropocentric ways, many of which are embodied in your spiritual and religious beliefs, which has resulted in your utter disregard of the Earth, of your fellow men, and all the other species:


I and others like myself will feel a great gladness and peace when the day comes that you and the sickness of your beliefs have all vanished from this planet.

Is anybody going to Petaluma to see the God:) God is coming this Friday!!
I went there after such a long time, it was sad to see the kids I knew 10 years ago are the next generation bonded labor now and some 4-5 year old were being conditioned already.

I don't think many Jews recognize Moses as God in human form either.(If that is the group you address by putting up Moses.) For my curiosity, where from did you make that assertion?

JJQ, that reference to Moses came from the Vedanta Society of Southern California, the source of the GIHF candidates:

I don't agree with it, as noted in the post (not even as a candidate, much less as reality).

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