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June 17, 2009


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Generally I have not been overly impressed with psychics with a few exceptions.

One psychic desribed in detail, several years in advance, a location where I would live that I had no idea of at the time. This property had several unique features which would not fall into any generic category, so this was an accurate clairvoyant perception in my opinion.

Another psychic described ten years in advance my future family in detail down to hair color, age difference, sex and number of children, temperment, location, circumstances, and other aspects that could not be attributed to chance or lucky guess.

I have personally had several visions that turned out to be accurate although I do not consider myself to be psychic or inclined to the paranormal at all.

I think psychic/clairvoyant perception exists in the same way waves appear at the beach...not every day, or in a consistently predictable pattern or quality, but sooner or later the waves show up.

I was going to say what Tucson said and it's why going to a psychic, who charges, can be fun but not usually productive. They might have a gift but they cannot turn it on and off because someone paid; so if it doesn't come, they have to say something and hope whatever came out will be helpful. Those kind of insights come when they come and some of my best ones have been casual from friends who had the gift or even myself and not when I requested it.

Brian, you can be skeptical all you want, that's just an opinion based on little more than personal bias, not science. BTW, speaking of bias, you failed to mention that this experiment was run by Richard Wiseman, a man who has publicly admitted to skewing research data in the past to favor his own skepticism of psi.

Remote viewing is a skill correctly practiced by few. Getting 700 or so random people to attempt something that requires years of training to do is a bit disingenuous.

It is a well-known fact that during Jimmy Carter's presidency, the CIA used remote viewing to locate a down military spy plane as a last resort when no other method of recognizance was working. The remove viewer found the plane instantly. I think I still have an audio clip of Carter talking about the incident.

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