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May 13, 2009


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My belief is everyone must, at a certain point, go it alone no matter with which tradition they began-- if they wish to grow. All the greatest mystical teachers (at least those recognized as being such) did this. Religions in general block this experience.

Brian observed: "Because organizations have a vested interest in preserving their belief system, even it is wrong."

The following blog article by my friend Les over at at Visisble Origami, explains the over-all situation quite well, and it also explains a great deal about the way that I myself am, and why I am the way that I seem to appear to be to some people... people who obviously have a hard time understanding me and where I am coming from.

This article says alot about Les, but also says a whole lot about myself as well. Perhaps it will help others to better understand where I am at, and why I am the way I come across... as well as various other insights:


This next article may also prove to be interesting reading (along more spiritual lines) for some folks too:


your post and the links provided are quite informative and absorbing. it makes a good sense.

it put all known things in one thread.

Experiences of a mystic are real or false nead to be tested by the mystic alone.

If any test is made in science, its validity is ascertained by its reproducibility. How accurately the result can be reproduced within a reasonable level of precision.

Practitioner of any faith/ technique of meditation have to have a feel of it, that is to be answered by himself/ herself. Rather than seeking a testimony from rest of the world.

YOU HAVE RIGHTLY PUT "organizations have a vested interest in preserving their belief system, even it is wrong."


The Great Deception Machine:


I liked faqir chands work. It's a little
more absorbant than r.s. material. However, i will continue to use charmin most of the time, it's biodegradeable.

Scientific research on mysticism ? a little late to the party put better late than ever. Gopi Krishna's work "the secert of yoga" and "higher consiouness and kundalini" were written in the 70's.
Also, "kundalini, the evoluntionary energy in man". Rational, scientific, with real proposals for isolating and investigating the higher state of consiousness that does truly exist.

I only wish i had discovered this before i wasted so much of my life in a dogmatic cult to nowhere. All religions like r.s. can need be looked at for a day max. Shovel away the mountain of dogma shit and lies and find the one person somewhere in there that had the experience and move on.

Gravitation Force is the Ultimate Creator, this paper I presented at the 1st Int. Conf. on Revival of Traditional Yoga, held at The Lonavla Yoga Institute (India), Lonavla, Pune in 2006. The Abstract of this paper is given below:

The Universe includes everything that exists. In the Universe there are billions and billions of stars. These stars are distributed in the space in huge clusters. They are held together by gravitation and are known as galaxies. Sun is also a star. Various members of the solar system are bound to it by gravitation force. Gravitation force is the ultimate cause of birth and death of galaxy, star and planets etc. Gravitation can be considered as the cause of various forms of animate and inanimate existence. Human form is superior to all other forms. Withdrawal of gravitational wave from some plane of action is called the death of that form. It can be assumed that gravitation force is ultimate creator. Source of it is ‘God’. Gravitational Field is the supreme soul (consciousness) and its innumerable points of action may be called as individual soul (consciousness). It acts through body and mind. Body is physical entity. Mind can be defined as the function of autonomic nervous system. Electromagnetic waves are its agents through which it works. This can be realized through the practice of meditation and yoga under qualified meditation instruction. This can remove misunderstanding between science and religion and amongst various religions. This is the gist of all religious teachings – past, present and future.

lol, crap.

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