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May 01, 2009


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Well I totally go with this thinking. There are too many do-not-dos in this world and we should not add to them with unnecessary ones. I am not thrilled that my son got an off road dirt bike (have no idea if this is the right term but motorcycle that you do not ride on highways) and at almost 40 he didn't ask my thinking on it. He's doing his thing and it makes me a little edgy but it is his thing, not mine. Just watch out for the stupid drivers :)

Your blog has inspired me to leave my partner, find someone 20 years younger, buy an expensive car, dye my hair, get dressed up in the latest fashion so I look like one of those ageing guys who are desperately trying to stay young, leave my job and begin my career on the motivational speaker circuit and create a 'new' system of personal development which I will inevitably transform into a cult in which I will create a whole set of random rules for my disciples just because I can.

Excellent! I'm so glad that I could help you improve your life!

But seriously... note that I advised honoring the cautious "maybe I shouldn't" side of us, along with the passionate "got to do it!" side.

Balance is the key. When in doubt, though, go with passion. Feelings often can be a better guide to action than thoughts.

All Praise and Bows to the great Mysterious Wizard of Churchlessness, Coffee-House Regent of Salem, Mystic Tango Dancer, and Blogmaster Extraordinaire...

His Un-Holy Oregonian Scooterness,

Brian d' Hinessight

The connection I see is this. Those with a churchy attitude believe that some higher authority has given a Meaning to our existence. That produces a sort of fear and hesitation... "Maybe I shouldn't do this... Maybe it's not in line with what God intends for me."

But churchless people have no Meaning coming from an outside authority. We're left to make Meaning for ourselves. That doesn't necessarily mean always doing what we want to do. It does mean that our efforts to act correctly, to do the right thing... are guided by our own experience, not words handed down from an Authority.


My father used to tell me that when in doubt, it's good to trust people. Not because it's always the correct decision... but trusting people and sometimes getting deceived leads to a more interesting life than not trusting anyone.

Maybe a similar view can be taken with respect to following passions. But it may well be dependent on the individual. A segment of the population (likely a minority) may be genetically predisposed to value exploration, experimentation, and adventure. And a different segment may be happier cultivating safety and stability.

Even when we value safety... it may be worth remembering that EVERYTHING is temporary, so no lasting safety and stability can ever be found, no matter how hard we try. It may end up more efficient to manage risks according to our personality... rather than deluding ourselves into thinking that risk can ever be avoided.


Came across this Mark Morford column about passion today:

It isn't only about sex and sensuality. It also describes pretty well how I feel about a big, warm, throbbing Burgman motor scooter.

I agree with 4 of your 5 statements. Not the first one.

I read quickly but in doing so I saw something important missing in your ballance... How will "living for me" or "the moment" affect others? I love motorcycles too. I have a 2007 Kawasaki z1000 so I'm into similar (or maybe even bigger and faster!) thrills as you are...but not if my wife, family, friends, or strangers were being adversely affected. In that case it wouldn't be worthwhile.

Living for the moment won't bring anyone happiness. It would likely bring me regret.

And Stuart, I have a "churchy attitude" and I know my existence is intended and worthwhile but that has nothing to do with riding my motorcycle or my wife skydiving.

It's great to enjoy life! See you on the road!

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