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April 27, 2009


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While I will certainly grant that there are numerous physiological explanations for religious belief, I think there are just as many psychological ones as well. More importantly, what I tend to concentrate on revolves around the monotheistic religions and how so-called primitive belief systems morphed into "We're made in His image" belief systems.

In addition, I submit that if a person wants to understand the nature of religious institutions, one of the first aspects to investigate is the economics of the situation. Throughout much of history, religious institutions have been one of the largest holders of wealth, property, influence and power.

I think that more explains why we give god certain characteristics that go along with what we wanted to think he/she had. Personally I think most, if they do believe in god, believe because they cannot comprehend how nature come by itself, how something physical could come from nothing without some outside force. Outside forces that are physical still leave a physical question; so they turn to something beyond the physical, something that doesn't exist on the same plane. They are still left with something coming from nothing but it's in a realm where they are more comfortable leaving it mystery.

You will find even very advanced scientists who believe in god. But the view of the fundamentalist, who accepts these godly personality quirks that they would have to accept if they believe in pretty much any man described version of god, that is harder to think if someone is a scientist-- although you see it and they are there, especially true in Mormonism, to prove their faith has a scientific base.

Another thing that leads people to believe in god is that they try what is claimed will work (on a problem or something) and it does. Now there are many reasons that might happen from an actual god, to coincidence, to some laws of nature that man can't measure with his current ability; but when it works, they assume this test proves god is real. Maybe they didn't even see it work but someone else did and they accept it is true. The media helps this along even with some suggesting the media is godless-- it loves a good story.

I have witnessed things that force me to believe in a power that man may never understand. While I was looking for it , I was startled and humbled when it manifested itself.


You as subject, objectified "it" and allowed your mind to manifest it as itself. Nothing wrong with this, it happens all the time. Your mind did the forcing and the believing. You made a choice, with very little free will. That said, I reserve the right to be wrong.

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