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April 16, 2009


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This idea of consciousness being all and resulting in some sort of illusory reality (or virtual holographic universe) is also claimed by David Icke.

Unfortunately while Metzingers seems to arrive at his conclusions from a philsophical slant, David used to be a professional footballer and believes our virtual world is controlled by human-lizard hybrids and we need to take back the power.

Speaking of Holy Fuck movies, this man's theory is not dissimilar to the Matrix and David is clearly absolutely and completely fucking insane.

What is interesting however is the clear analogies he has formed in his mind to explain his theory (recognition) of reality. It seems all is only different manifestations of consciousness (even matter) and where our human forms are akin to biological computers having WIFI antennas that are able to decode or tune into this ultimate consciousness and do marvelous things like Neo.

Its all on youtube. Great mystery.

Dear George,
Talking of consciousness there is an English author R.D.Pearson who has very original ideas on the intelligence behind the universe.I am reading his book now. It is called "the intelligence behind the universe".A google search will bring you more material on his ideas.

What 'is'? Again, just this 'no-thing' that irritates some when I mention it. Just 'is' is and it can't be found. Is is ising. Where there is no extension in space and no duration in time there can be no self. A self is an imagined subject imagining itself as an object. And while thus pretending to be an object it is posing as its own subject. And this mythical monster is extended in space and is dependent on duration.

But nothing spatial or temporal can have any but a mythical existence. What 'we' are could not possibly be limited to any conceptual notion, spatial or temporal.

In transcendence we are infinite and inherently intemporal.



Very kind of you. I'll keep an eye out.

If that interests you, am sure you've read the young american author michael talbot too (died young, real shame)?


Dear All,
The question of "self" is nicely illustrated by a
short extract from the article I took it from.You may enjoy reading the article.The link is at the end of the extract

"Two-year-olds Tatiana and Krista Hogan are craniopagus conjoined twins. They are one of only 6 sets of twins in the world who were born conjoined at the head. Only 2% of conjoined twin births are craniopagus.They are joined at the thalamus.Observation about the thalamus have indicated that these neurons may be crucially linked to the rest of the brain in a way that allows for self-awareness. In the case of Tatiana and Krista, there is the question of how far their co-consciousness goes
Their unique situation presents many more questions. For Tatiana and Krista there is an implication that they are constantly perceiving and reacting for one another. The question remains, however, whether each of them has agency to actually “tune in or out” to one another’s signals, or whether this process happens involuntarily. If they register information from one another involuntarily, is the process conscious or unconscious. Are they aware that they are communicating with one another, retaining a sense of dual agency, or do their two bodies operate more as one?
Exploring these questions for Tatiana and Krista’s situation has implications for a single person’s sense of self and agency as well. Their ability to relay information back and forth to one through a shared thalamus reaffirms observations that suggest that the majority of what we perceive is just that, a perception created in our mind. Tatiana and Krista suggests that the brain is extremely adaptable and it literalizes the idea that our sense of self is dynamic, a constant dialogue that is always blurring its boundaries."

The entire article is at
All the best

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