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April 29, 2009


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How refreshing, she seems to be a different kind of medium.

I do believe in this possibility and what it is, well each of the people who can connect seem to come up with different answers. It is interesting to explore the possibilities. So often people are encouraged to not go beyond comfort zones.

goddamn that video turned me straight off.
lecturing parochial charlatan of note.
her students, ppl must be mad.
god bless carole.

Earlier this month, I went to the Penn & Teller show at the Rio in Vegas. Penn did a couple of mind reading/psychic tricks that were far more impressive than anything I've seen from a medium. Many of his tricks can be viewed on YouTube. Unlike most magicians and all psychics, Penn sometimes explains how his tricks work.

Also on YouTube, check out "Derren Brown," particularly the "Messiah" clips like this:

Brown (through magic, showmanship, psychological manipulation) does the "talk to the dead" thing better than anyone; he can fool audiences of ordinary folks, as well as "professional" psychics.

There are lots of imponderables surrounding this issue, but one thing is for sure. Magicians and showmen skilled at "cold reading" (with zero pretentions of having special "psychic" skills) can do the act in a way that's INDISTIGUISHABLE from the people who claim to be real psychics. Except that the magicians tend to be more impressive.


Lynne writes...
> The student will just know that he or she
> has walked through another spiritual door
> and is closer to Divine Consciousness than
> before.

Good that Lynne is ready to throw away the need for labels like "initiation." Next step would be questioning these ideas about "Divine Consciousness."

The world is filled with people who hold this or that idea about a "Divine Consciousness" or "God" or "Spiritual Truth" etc etc. Once you believe you know something about "God," then you can fall into the type of idea that Lynne suggests, the idea that you've walked through a spiritual door and gotten closer to it.

Sure, this is often innocent enough, no more dangerous than say an obsession with Star Trek. But once you clutch the idea "I'm closer to God now than I was before," how can you NOT fall into, "I'm closer to God than you are"?

Lynne's idea of "Divine Consciousness" is clearly a limited thing. If we conceive of this Consciousness as omnipresent, there's no possibility of getting "closer" to it; it'd be like swimming miles in the ocean in the hopes of getting closer to water.

Like I said, these belief-systems may be innocuous. But I prefer hearing from people who are courageous enough to question EVERYTHING. All these ideas of walking through spiritual doors and getting closer to Divine Consciousness are mere beliefs; personally, I prefer to cultivate doubts about all beliefs, rather than clinging to them.

Yeah, Derren Brown is exceptional.

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