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April 18, 2009


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Having been an anomaly of the 60s & 70s (no drug use whatsoever), I can't fall back on experience as a reference point. That said, I don't think I'd want to be eternally happy nor sad. My choice would be to just be.

Of topic - for Tao if you're around!



What Would Jesus NOT Do?


I want to be eternally happy because for a good deal of my life I have felt the opposite. I'm sure there is some correlation with biologically depressed individuals and 'truth seeking'.

Sometimes believing and feeling good is better than being realistic and feeling like crap.

The reason you feel like crap is not due to embracing reality... it is because you assume (ie: you believe) that reality does not feel good.

In addition, it is your unexamined notion that having belief in a fantasy will make you feel better, that is what is actually causing and contributing to your depression or "feeling like crap".

The problem is duality. You assume that reality or "being realistic" is part of a real versus fantasy, or a good versus bad dichotomy.

But actual reality is non-dual. The assumed duality of a "good" versus "crap" is only in your mind.

If you would simply embrace present reality (without apprehension or expectations), and not attempt to resort to any sort of belief in anything, and simply accept what IS, then you will find that without any doubt, reality and/or "being realistic" feels quite good compared to any belief in fantasy or fiction...which inherently feels bad because it is predicated upon fear.

But you will not be able to realize this until you let go of your present assumptions and beliefs, and completely embrace whatever may be happening in the ever-present moment.

I came across this wonderful quote recently :

"Human beings can get so caught up in wanting to prove to themselves the reality of what they believe, they don't realize that this need to preserve a delusion can, in of itself, prevent the realization of
that which they so desperately seek."

By Marilynn Hughes in "Out of Body Experiences - What You Need to Know".


"Human beings can get so caught up in wanting to prove to themselves the reality of what they believe, they don't realize that this need to preserve a delusion can, in of itself, prevent the realization of
that which they so desperately seek."

---Smack, do you know what the origin of the "desparately" seeking is?

Thanks for a reply,

Not sure if I understand your question. Do you mean "Why are humans desperately seeking to understand the universe/God/reality" ?


Well, there are two issues,

The "seeking" issue. Why is One seeking?
Who trained them on the need to seek?


The "desparately" issue. If One knows why they are seeking, then why does the seeking process have to be so desparate?


I would go for the same thing most people choose and not choose to be eternally happy. I mean I see the value of that kind of machine if people are being hooked up, for psychological treatment purposes (but only temporarily). But I think in order to understand and enjoy what happiness is, you need to have also experienced sadness.

I would also choose reality. If I really could know everything that I wanted to know, and it would be 100% true why wouldn't I? If the truth is available, I wouldn't choose a lie. Even if it would contradict my beliefs at least I would be sure of things.


You write: "Why is One seeking?"

My response: I can't speak for anyone else, but personally speaking, I am 'seeking' to find out if there are answers to the questions "Why am I here? What's all this about? Is there life after death?". Nothing new, just those same age old questions philosphers and mystics have tried to find answers to. These questions intrigue me.

You write: "The "desparately" issue. If One knows why they are seeking, then why does the seeking process have to be so desparate?"

My response: Probably because the seeker has not found that which s/he seeks. Some seekers are desperately seeking, their desire to find answers takes over their lives. Others are just curious and don't put too much effort into it, so we can't say that they're desperate.

I guess what I take away from the quote from Marilynn Hughes is that if I am searching for 'truth', then it's better to keep an open mind and not take anything on blind faith. Otherwise I may spend my life trying to prove that which I have faith in, and be blind to the 'truth'. For example, IF I accept all Sant Mat principles as true and spend my life trying to prove that the Sant Mat principles are true... and IF it turns out that Sant Mat is wrong, well then I wasted a hell of a lot of time trying to prove a wrong theory. But if I keep an open mind and rely on my personal experience, I am more likely to find the answers to those questions.


Thanks for your reply. Nothing wrong with subjective/objective seeking.

I enjoy the subjective/objective seeking of information. How this information is converted into a truth or theory is secondary. I'm having trouble becoming desparate, in this kind of seeking process.

Smack, is it possible that seeking fades away in a realm of non-subjectivity and non-objectivity? In this realm, is it ok to not have a need to prove a theory right or wrong?


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