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March 01, 2009


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Gee whiz. I can now chock this up as one of the advantages of Asperger's Syndrome!! Since aspies aren't particularly social, in nature, we are much less prone to the influence of group dynamics and/or manipulation.

Brian, on Friday I came across the book "The Guru Papers" and planned to place an order this week. How co-incidental to find it recommended by Unknown and you today. It has been around a while. I found the comments relating to the book on the Amazon site to be interesting. Somewhat distracting, however,at the moment has been Christopher Hitchen's book, "God is Not Great."

"God is not Great" is pretty good although i had trouble at the first reading because the style seems hard to read but after watching Hitchens debate on Youtube i've got used to the style and it is a good read. Another book he released shortly after GING is "The Portable Atheist" which is a collection of famous persons atheistic beliefs and a definite addition to any library!

"Stripping the gurus" is another good one to read.


From your reading of "The Portable Atheist," did you recieve a definition of Atheist? What is an Atheist belief?

Thanks for any reply,

The Guru Papers is a very good book.

I read a fair amount of it online some years ago. I would have recommended it a long time ago if I had known that Brian and others here were not yet familiar with it. Its basic reading relative to the issue of spiritual cults.

David, thanks for "The Portable Atheist" title. "Stripping the Gurus"...what a great de-programmer.

what a load of tripe. this website is a private bandstand supported by equally confused idiots.

Unknown, wow, what a marvelously informed, cogent, persuasive comment. Not. You make absolutely no sense in claiming that my blog makes no sense.

Suggestion: look within for confused idiocy before you look without.

Not to downplay the reality of abuses perpetuated by so-called “gurus”, but there is an intellectual weakness to writing off the guru-disciple dynamic due to the bad seeds out there.

I can only share my own positive experience, from a couple of recent essays I’ve written.

“Guides, Gurus, and Grounding In Our Spiritual Journey” (Huff Post Religion)

“Gurus And The Cult of Relativity”
(Elephant Journal)

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