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March 05, 2009


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I can cite two excellent examples. First, remember the OK City Fed Building bombing? Over the first few days, all the experts "knew" it was the work of Islamic terrorists. So, most of the country looked suspiciously on anyone who looked remotely Arabic.

Later, it turned the big bad terrorist was white and homegrown. Did any of the pundits and experts apologize to the Arab community? I certainly didn't hear one.

Example two comes from the world of sports. Before any big game, the sports pundits tell you who will win and why. After the game -- when it turns out they were miserably wrong -- you never know it because, in their post-game analysis, they breakdown the game as if it's exactly what they had predicted.

"Foxes... cognitively flexible, modest, open to self-criticism, consider competing views, doubt power of Big Ideas, recognize uncertainty"

-- Sounds much like my favorite alternative news websites:




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