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March 29, 2009


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"hookers for jesus" ... lmao.

One of the best books exploring this question was 'People of the Lie' on the subject of human evil. The author, Peck (who also wrote the Road Less Traveled), explored, as a psychologist who treated patients, his belief that people can be possessed. His descriptions of what he saw were vivid and leave a person with a lot of questions about what is going on.

Even though I know it's a big deal in Christianity, I don't spend any time wondering about Satan; however, driving south for 1400 miles, my husband and I did try to think more about whether life ends at the death of the body and does reincarnation really exist. Actually I did and he went along with the discussion to kill time. Using several of my own life experiences, we tried to figure out if they logically went together and could be used to draw a conclusion. Does A relate to B or are they two separate things that cannot tell you anything about C? We didn't resolve it, of course.

The problem with objective proof of anything like the spirit is that even if you had a lot of people saying it was true, that they had seen it, it would prove nothing as you can get collective hypnotic experiences that are brought on by expectations, hysteria, and delusions. We do use witnesses in courtroom situations to say they saw a crime committed and it can be enough in the legal sense but where it comes to spiritual, I don't think you can take testimony and have it prove anything given how human minds work.

Where it comes to spirituality, using logic is hard as what proof can you actually use to make a conclusion? It frustrates me as I would like to feel I 'knew' as so many claim they do. I don't.

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