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January 10, 2009


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I bet Jesus would have loved an Iphone.

Just what exactly is it about an iPhone 3G that makes you so happy?... or happier?

Seriously... please be more specific. I am intterested to know. What are all the things that an iPhone, or having an iPhone, actually does for you? The things that not having one did not do for you, back when you didn't have one?

Because I'd like to know what is so great about having an iPhone? Because I might like to bget one too... that is, if there are good enough reasons.

Like, is there some special kind of happiness that results from owning and using an iPhone, that is unavailable without having an iPhone?

tAo, ask and you shall receive (reasons for loving an iPhone):

I am not sure happiness is a good life goal. Nothing wrong with being happy but it often is something that takes an ever increasing list to keep it. For instance, in your other blog, first it was an apple that made you happy. How long before that was not enough? And how long before the iphone is not enough? None of these things are wrong to enjoy but as a source of happiness, the quest never ends. It always takes more until you run out of the barter required to get the next happiness toy and then what? Does unhappiness have to come next?

Rain, I'm still happy with my Apple MacBook. And now I'm even happier with my Apple iPhone. My happiness just keeps on growing the more I buy Apple stuff! There's no end in sight! (unless Steve Jobs becomes incapacitated, or loses his mojo)

Hey Tao:

Thought you might enjoy this clip.



Hey Tao:

Thougt you and other might enjoy this clip.



Sorry about the error in the first post. Anyway, there is some interesting information about the use of modified citrus pectin for the prevention of cancer.


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