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January 18, 2009


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If one still has an inordinate liking for the things of this world and wallows in relished attachments...what can be said? One's reality takes precise shape according to one's attachments, for karma is an exact dispenser of justice and destiny. If it is Maya one loves, one will get more Maya. Maya is an endless abyss of dreams and false hopes, completely delusional and deadly. The Merciful Lord is not harsh or cruel. Everyone gets what they strongly desire, whether nectar or poison. In any case, have fun!

Albert, how does your comment relate to this post? Finding meaning in the present moment is the precise antidote to maya, "the endless abyss of dreams and false hopes," as you put it.

So I guess you're agreeing with Baggini and me. If not, please clarify.

Wanting to be somewhere other than the present moment, like "Get me out of Maya!" -- that certainly seems like a strong desire and an object of attachment.

Could One find a category of meaning to life, in the process of finding the answer to the origin and ending of life? This exercise could be simple contemplation, not constant, but from time to time. If there is no answer, that is ok, but a special category of meaning, maybe worth the time of contemplation. Nothing wrong with the act of searching, if that act gives One meaning. A moment of contemplation, is within One self, and can occur right now.

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