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January 04, 2009


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Julian Barnes (JB) makes sense in my experiences.

JB - "Wisdom consists partly in not pretending any more, in discarding artifice."

-- I have some difficulty with this last sentence because I want to say Wisdom is discarding ALL pretention and ALL artifice, however, this would be a smug statement for me to make and somehow I sense (but don't know) that what he says is more correct because it is actually all inclusive.

Perhaps I've read too many comments here but last night I actually had a dream in which I died. I was in a car with another person. The car went off the road and there were two choices: either open my eyes and know when immanent death was approaching, or close the eyes and enjoy the ride down to the rocks below. I chose to close my eyes and had a delightful fall, aware of my immanent death but oblivious as to when, while the person sitting next to me had their eyes open and was in terror all the way down. When the car hit, rather than wake up in fright, due to my calm state of mind on the way down, the impact was simply a break in the dream. I immediately found myself at the top of the cliff assessing the accident in the same dream.

Rather odd but I think this dream had something to do with Brian's posting elsewhere concerning being born dying.

So, there you have it - the key to dying successfully is live now and don't be concerned over the impact - that will take care of itself. Well, at least it works in dreams.

Anyway, I now have personal proof there is reincarnation in dreams. One step closer to testing the hypothesis on real data. :)

Details are fuzzy but I think the other passenger in the car was me too and of opposite gender. I just took on the consciousness of the one who closed their eyes and enjoyed the ride.

While awake, I am still as frightened as ever but while still free falling, I am working on closing the eyes and diving. The store isn't closed yet and there's still some living to do.


"(..)except for not being true, which some might find irreducible, unnegotiable harm."

Nice creationist pun.

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