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January 12, 2009


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hey you beautiful people out here , sharing your views about sant mat, shabd and so on..THE GREAT ALMIGHTY..
all I can is that this fight or argument is all about NAME..Some call him God, some allah, oters Guru or Bhagwaan..but end of the day itis the one guy who has got all these names in different languages..
when are in trouble and there seems to be no hope for things or situation getting better, at that particular time the only voice thats comes out from inside is OH GOD HELP ME(WE CALL FOR HIS HELP IN OUR LANGUAGE)...doesnt matter whether we believe in him or not... I am sure some of you loving people will disagree with me on this aswell but please before up with your reply have a thought about it ...had everyone got a different god then I am sure then every race of human being would got their own blood groups, based on your skin color...so please let us make this world a better place to live and stop fighting on the name of your and my god thing...MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.



-- and who or what is that?

"all I can is that this fight or argument is all about NAME."

-- is it?

"end of the day itis the one guy who has got all these names in different languages."

-- no, that's not accurate, as was pointed out in one of the author's recent blogs and a book he referred to.

"when are in trouble [...] the only voice thats comes out from inside is OH GOD HELP ME"

-- how do you know what other people do in time of trouble? you can't speak for other people.

"have a thought about it ...had everyone got a different god then I am sure then every race of human being would got their own blood groups, based on your skin color."

-- not sure what you mean by that.

"let us [...] stop fighting on the name of your and my god thing."

-- who is fighting?


-- i'm finished with blessing... now begins the time that i am going to start kicking some ass.

radha soami ji u all, i have no qus about santmat i just want to know some experience related with santmet if anybody can share his/her experience plz write
again Radha Soami ji

A.K. Satsangi, Please don't give any example of Lord Karishna or Sri Madbhagwat Geeta because these all are not the subject of Your Sant Mat. Sri Madbhagwat Geeta is not a pothi (as your guru state)it is a Spritual Granth of Sanatan people which is beyond your understanding and I think beyond the knowledge of all RS and your Guruji. So please.

What a difference it could made , if people like you had just spent half of time in meditation or just serving humanity instead of bad mouthing other people's faith!! Its sad that you guys lack faith and I wish you guys find it soon , may it be RS or any other belief!!.. If you guys dont believe in ultimate power it doesnt give right to you to hurt feelings of people who do ..
I want to ask you , when you "wish" that you get money , you live a peaceful or happy life or your family remains healthy .. whom are you wishing to ??
Get a life .. if you dont believe in something , then just move on ... just dont give a damn!! There are million Satsangis who can tell you real stories of what they got back from RS but thats what's different.. they never believe in publicity!!

Marc, do some calculations.

I spent 35 years in RSSB meditating a couple of hours a day, every day. I spent about half of those years serving as secretary for a local sangat, giving talks, arranging for meeting space, setting up chairs and tables every Sunday, and other duties.

I spent years (about six) writing three books for RSSB, which probably equates to about a full year of "seva" (service) time, just for the book-writing -- since I'd spend about four hours a day on the work much of the time, 1/6 of a day.

So I've spent way more time in meditation and serving humanity than in maintaining this blog (this doesn't count countless hours I've put in on neighborhood volunteer work during the 20 years we've lived where we do now; I'm the neighborhood association secretary and led a successfuyl fight to stop a large subdivision that threatened our water supplies.)

Bottom line: don't preach to me about spending time in meditation or serving people. Almost certainly I've done hugely more of each than you have (please share some details of your own life if you disagree).

I've walked the walk that I now talk about. I know what I'm talking about because I've done the meditation and performed the service. I was a dedicated religious devotee back when I was into that stuff, and now I do my best to serve humanity, and myself, through this churchless blog and other pursuits.

But thanks for being a good example of the sort of self-righteousness that turned me off when I was active in RSSB, and still does. Comments like yours make me thankful that I've let the dogma go and embraced reality.

Mr well wisher how the world can be beautiful when some people will say dont go to mandir or criticise other's belief. Do you please think it can be. These people say every thing is with them instead of the facts..............."ishawasyam yatnkinch jagatyam jagat" mean bhagwan is jag ke kan kan main hai and they say no body knows except them

MY BABAJI IS THE BEST.................LOVE U MY MASTER..........


I want to know if you can help us please? We have a family member who is heavily involved in this cult, it is obvious that she is brainwashed and it has ruined her life and had an awful impact on ours also. If we could have one wish in the whole world, it would be for her to realise that this is just a cult, a scam, exploitation on the vulnerable etc etc. This cult is more important to her than anything else including her family and even children. We want our mum back, how can we get her out? can you help?

A helpfull book on RSSB and Enckankar might be 'Confessions of a God seeker'

The chapter about RSSB is very enlightening especially about how the disciple herself is responsible for the perceived helpful master. Perhaps she can begin to understand how she could find guidance inside that does not involve an outside master at all.

But above all it take a lot of patience and forgiveness not to loose her completely. Brainwashing is very hard to undo. Perhaps she is willing to read the above mentioned book?

Yo Tara you can right click on the link and choose 'save linked conted as..' and you will download the pdf book, as this is.

Hi Tara,


On the left there are several ways to view the book. By the way it was through this book that I had the first meditation that was a little bit succesfull after 20 years RSSB! You can just use the same mantra or another I discovered. Meditation was better because I used my mind instead of believing in the master ;)

I found an interesting point that the above book says that it is entirely the achievement of the disciple that he sees a master within (the faith and trust of the disciple). And not as 'great master' used to say that it was a spiritual double that the master placed in the disciple at innitiation. The author of the book himself travelled all the regions while believing in a fraudulent master of Enckankar which proves the point. It is now clearly established that the master of Eckankar was a pseudologic fantastica patient, a compulsive lyer. Just like Ron Hubard from $cientology.
However the later cult is by far far more dangerous nowadays because it is accurate described as 'the mafia meats religion'.

Kai, sorry for the delay in responding to your plea for advice about how to free someone from the Radha Soami Satsang Beas organization, which you call a "cult."

I can't disagree with your choice of terms, though for the thirty-plus years I was a RSSB devotee I didn't view the teachings as cultish. And I guess that's why my thoughts will echo Tara's above.

It's tough to convince someone that what they have so much faith in should be discarded. Your family member is having some important needs met through his or her involvement with RSSB. He or she probably won't be open to criticism, because you won't be viewed as really knowing the truth about the teachings.

All I can tell you is my experience. I married my second wife in 1990 (I was initiated in 1971). She didn't accept the RSSB teachings, but was fine with me believing in them. However, she openly talked with me about why she thought my faith in the RSSB guru and what he taught was misguided.

I'd argue/discuss with her, to no avail. My mind was made up. I was as deep, or deeper, into RSSB as your family member is.

Over time, my views evolved, partly, I'm sure, because what my wife said sank into my unconscious/subconscious and worked away there, gradually helping lead me to an understanding that I wasn't seeing reality or life clearly.

Probably this is all you can do: stay close to your family member; give him or her continued love, affection, warmth, understanding. Yet be open about your doubts concerning RSSB. Be clear that you will always embrace the family member, but you can't embrace the RSSB teachings. And explain why. (Likely you've already done this.)

Good luck. Things will work out as they should. You aren't responsible for your family member, just how you treat him or her . Kindness and truthfulness will win the day. Along with patience.

As a member of RSSB, I've been watching you since you started this blog. Finally, I will comment. It's mostly Americans, I notice, with their enormous egos, who conclude they have wasted time in Sant Mat, and want to denounce it. Cause they can never understand that as long as they are spritually filthy, they can not have those experiences they read about. Indians are not so conceited, in general. Americans think they are Mr. Clean incarnate, and in their self-delusion denounce with all their useless logic. But the most pathetic part of your role, is that what you are doing is part of your inescapable destiny.

Jimmy, quite a few Indians frequent this blog, often leaving skeptical/critical comments about RSSB. I also occasionally get emails from Indians and other non-Americans who appreciate the churchless point of view.

Also, I don't think I've ever said that I view my time in Sant Mat as wasted. I can't even recall anyone else saying that on this blog. Instead, I see my 35 + years doing lots of meditation and performing lots of volunteer service as filled with much learning which has helped make me who I am today.

Often we don't know what is right for us until we experiment with ways of living that end up feeling wrong. This is how life becomes more meaningful: by living it fully and wholeheartedly. You assume that there is such a thing as "inescapable destiny."

Well, that's a faith-based opinion, especially if your view of destiny is of something supernatural. You're welcome to that opinion. You simply should realize that it's your own subjective belief, just as your belief that I, and other churchless folks, are "spiritually filthy."

Funny, I feel pretty damn clean. What do you mean by "filthy"?


What you have experienced is the reflection of your own enormous ego which you perceive as filthy.

It is your ego's self-importance which causes you to take offence to the comments on this blog and react defensively.

It is sad that your years with Sant Mat have left you this insecure and with such self loathing. Accept yourself and let it go. It will be replaced by a renewed connection with all beings and life rather than separation which is the product of adherence to religious and metaphysical concepts.

You should have learned by now that your ego (and all egos) are just conceptual structures, little clots of mind stuff in an infinite stream of freedom unrestricted by the bondage of dogma and conditioned relative belief.

You are stardust. You are golden. (I am corny). Recognise that you are already out of the fenced-in garden of structure and form if you will only see it for what it is. You ARE in the open fields of infinity. You ARE already home.

Dr. Vincent P. Savarese 3507 Saint Elizabeth Road Glendale, Ca 91206 ...

Radha Soami Satsang Beas: An Introduction


"As a member of RSSB, I've been watching you since you started this blog. Finally, I will comment."

--I'm amazed that someone can read this blog for some 5 years plus, and just now decide to write a comment. That said, could someone copy and paste the directive from the SantMat guru, instructing initiates to avoid the internet and blogging? I would like to reread the passage.

The RSSB has prohibited RS satsangis from participating in any sort of discussion of RS and Sant Mat anywhere on the internet. Moroevr, this probition has never been formally rescinded.

The following (copied) directives were published in the Radha Soami Society Beas-America USA Newsletter, March 1996 and May 1996:


Radha Soami Society Beas-America Newsletter
March 1996

Use of E-Mail and other electronic media for Sant Mat purposes

The following statement was recently received from the Dera. "Satsangis should not use E-mail or other media such as Internet to conduct satsangs, formal or informal, or to communicate or distribute Sant Mat teachings, Sant Mat addresses and initiation data, or other similar material of confidential nature. In addition, Web-Sites and homepages should not be used for any purpose at all connected with Sant Mat." Possible exceptions to the policy may be made for projects under the direct supervision of the RSSB-A Board.


Radha Soami Society Beas-America Newsletter
May 1996

Use of Electronic Media for Sant Mat Communications

As a follow-up to the statement in the March issue of SCNI regarding the use of E-Mail and the Internet for Sant Mat communications, we have recently received the following letter.

With access to electronic media such as the Internet and the Web Site now being available to many in this age of communication, it is found that they are being used increasingly for the exchange of information between satsangis and other groups concerning Radha Soami Satsang Beas and the spiritual teachings of Sant Mat. This information may be factually correct; however, there may be inaccuracies in either of fact or interpretation. Sometimes we are portrayed positively, sometimes negatively.

Naturally, satsangis can get perturbed at seeing us presented in an inaccurate manner or interpreted in an incorrect way. It is emphasized, however, that our path is one of pure spirituality, and concerns an individual personally. It is a path where we try to avoid controversies. We do not want to react to others, criticize others, nor to create any kind of disharmony or unpleasantness with anyone by pursuing the matter unnecessarily.

Therefore, it would be better to ignore whatever may appear on the electronic media concerning ourselves. We need not bother or worry ourselves about how other portray us or see us, even if they view us in an unfavourable light.

Satsangis are advised not to use E-mail, or other media such as Internet to conduct satsangs, formal or informal, or to communicate or distribute Sant Mat teachings, Sant Mat literature, Sant Mat related photographs, satsangi names, addresses and initiation data, or other similar material of confidential nature. In addition, Web-Sites & Home Pages should not be used for any purpose at all connected with Sant Mat.

Thanks tAo and Tara, for the comments.

The definition of Sant Mat given by Radha soamies is not correct and is far away from truth. Sant Mat never cricise other belief whereas these people make fools to other by criticising and understand themselves as Superior although they are the worst people than a normal person. The BASE OF RSSB IS ONLY TO CRICISE OTHERS BELIEF AND IT IS THEIR POLICY ALTHOUGH THEY HAVE NULL IN KNOWLEDGE OF ANY RELIGION. Before criticising any other they should learn fully or stop to have the BANI OF SAINTS. They take the Bani of Saints but criticise them without any hesitation. People definitely should avoid to go such place. Saints never criticise any other.

Surrender you Ego

Why do they always want your EGO? Yes, the Ego eaters always want your ego. Remember Dracula?

Let's try a simple syllogism to bring some discipline to the commentary here. According to the teachings followed by RS initiates, the guru gives you faith, the ability to sit in meditation and love (it is all a "gift" according to Sawn Singh ... heck, he even pulls you unto the path and is merely worshipping Himself through you). Therefore, the absence of faith, meditation and/or love, must also be ascribed to the guru. According to RS teachings (which certain folks here obviously have not sufficiently familiarized themselves with), he is the one who needs to answer for this, not initiates who have "gone off the reservation." Those who are jumping on initiates who have "turned their back" on "the" path should remember the aforementioned (since it is "part and parcel" of what they subscribe to) and ponder it deeply before making any gratuitous comments. Better yet, just keep quiet about stuff that you are completely ignorant about.

My husband and his family are part of this hog wash called rs satsang.. and are huge beleivers, they would spend a fortune travelling to wherever this so called babaji arrives. How do i get him to see the truth and get out of this cult...


For starters have him read this:



Also have him read this:


Sad that you feel what you do! Sorry you did not get results but i doubt if effort was really put in.
I think you missed the whole thing. I experienced supernatural things right from childhood before i even know anything like radhasoami existed. But not i know, practice pays and you see what reality is. Spirituality is whats real, you seem to have a sense of false spirituality which you cannot define yourself. closed in a dark room, tried to bring down the walls in vain, you know not about the sun that shines outside everyday. Sorry for you buddy.


You can argue on 1+2=7
but you can never criticise the Will of God
as expressed by the maker of the quarks in other people

"Sorry body" invites your interpretation over your your own head, often more . .
because your attitude is difficult to get rid off

With sincere excuses from the RSSB satsangis who try the best
and often sincerely feel°° the Lowliest of the Lowly Gurinder included

°° Depends of to what degree one sees The splendid Source in everybody & everything


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