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December 09, 2008


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> The good news is that being spiritually
> homeless feels more and more homelike to
> me. When you don't confine yourself within
> dogmatic walls, your habitation is always
> close at hand.

In the Buddhist precepts ceremony, there's a line about "entering the homeless life." In ancient times, it literally meant leaving home and living as a wandering monk. The line remains in the ceremony today... I think precisely because of the metaphorical meaning Brian gives here.

A Zen teacher once told me that we seek religion etc as a way to find some sort of solid foundation for our lives. But if we're really sincere in our inquiry, we see that there's NO solid foundation... and then this lack of foundation becomes our foundation.

> I'm still deeply attracted to "sat," to
> truth. So much so, I can't bring myself to
> believe what doesn't seem true to me, no
> matter how attractive those beliefs look.

It's superficially seductive to believe in some special, higher Truth that we may reach someday... a Truth that only special people like us attain. Yet isn't it so much better to recognize the Truth that's already appeared in this moment, and is always apparent to all beings?

When I left the ashram in India, some friends there thought it was an act of great pessimism, that I no longer considered the ashram to hold a Special Holy Higher Truth. To me, though, it was an act of supreme optimism, as I no longer saw Truth as limitted to that tiny Holy Place, but as manifest in all things.


Stuart, nicely said. I bounce back and forth between seeing truth as something fixed and objective, and something fluid and subjective.

Both are aspects of truth, it seems to me. But heck, I could be wrong about that too.

To say "...I no longer saw Truth as limitted to that tiny Holy Place, but as manifest in all things" is right.

If I'm picking up the spiritual teachings "truthfully," then the whole purpose is being at home wherever we are. Wherever and whomever we are is Truth ... ain't it?

As we need our father to guide us in taking our first step at our own, after birth same way we need Guru for knowing how to go back to God our real home.

Comparing Guru with normal human being is just a foolishness and nothing.

Regarding ur comments about party in Dera Where Baba ji is taking charge on the stage, You are lucky that u were there but unfortunately your bad luck that u have taken it as wrong.

Any how I will pray to Lord to give some noble thoughts to you.


Radha Soami

Another of the typical same old same old from another "Satsangi India" I see.

Yes, we all DID "need our father to guide us in taking our first step"... that is when we were little infant toddlers, and we had not yet learned to walk.

But... that is a far cry from needing some supposed "Guru". And btw, there is NO need to "go back" anywhere.... not back to "God" or go back "home". Home is wherever one is at the present moment, and "God" is merely an outworn imaginary idea that religious goofballs use in a self-righteous and condescending manner towards FREE men.

Moreover, Satsangi India's so-called "Guru" is NOTHING BUT a "normal human being"... and to think anything otherwise, is stupidity beyond "foolishness".

And regarding Satsangi India's comments about this "Baba ji" fellow prancing around on stage like a pathetic jackass... unfortunately Satsangi India's "bad luck" is such that he/she is also a jackass too - a "real" retarded jackass.

Any how I will pray to Lord George Burns to give Satsangi India enough intelligence so as to have an basic ability to think. For then, Satsangi India may actually be able to learn to walk the walk... instead of merely talk the talk.

Rotten Salami

Well brother "Rotten Salami"(Says it all)im glad u r so fortunate to know the walk...and u should know then that everybody has the "free will" to belive in what he thinks is right.enjoy ,radha soami

ss (struggggellling seeker)

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