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December 28, 2008


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I enjoyed this very much. Thanks.

Interesting. On the naturopathic or alternative herbal meds, the key there is if they treat something medicinally, they are medicine whatever their source which he rather pointed out on aspirin. I hear it a lot with hormone replacement for women as they age. So take herbs they say, take black cohosh or assorted other products, but if they work, they are the same as bioidentical hormones made from yams. They are medically treating something and not as well tested for it. Herbs as a drink or in food is one thing but as soon as the level is raised to 'treat' something, they are something else.

Dear Brian,

I wonder why "[t]his video has been removed by the user."

Robert Paul Howard

Robert, I suppose Minchin found that the video had been put up on YouTube and objected. Recordings weren't supposed to be made of his reading, but several people made a recording.

I sort of understand why an artist would want to keep control over his creations, but it also is irritating -- sort of smacks of censorship in a way, especially since Minchin's talk was all about openness to reality.

Hey, Tim here.
Thanks so much for taking an interest in my poem.
Just trying to get the word out that i really really want Storm up on youtube and am not pulling it down in order to protect it for financial reasons or anything like that, but rather to make sure the version that people hear is nice and clear. I want the piece to have the maximum possible impact and the quality of these bootleg versions is just awful. Apart from anything else, you can't hear the jazz backing track which i spent many hours working on and which enhances the text!
Anyway, i'm hoping to have a nice version up in the next few weeks. Please stay tuned.
Thanks again.

Tim, thanks for the explanation. I look forward to seeing a jazzy version of your terrific poem reading.

And the improved version is up!

For those who might enjoy hearing Tim Minchin deliver this, a much, much better version of the December performance is now available through Tim Minchin's generosity. Tim Minchin has released his own version of Storm and the musical accompaniment is very enjoyable. Good recording and non-pirate - Huzzah for Tim Minchin.


dvnutrix, thanks for the news. I've replaced the defunct You Tube video with the new and improved version.

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