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December 01, 2008


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I have heard of it but probably won't see it until it's out on DVD. We like his show though and never miss it when he's doing it live. It's why we have kept HBO and the only reason.

I wrote a blog on the damage religion does awhile back. I understand some people feel it does so much good but it's easy to match good with bad if you take all religions and their results. Some feel they need it but what would their lives be like if they found spiritual satisfaction directly rather than through a religion. I know Maher doesn't believe in spirituality at all but there is ground between religion and atheism to believe in spiritual power but not in any religion to get you there. In fact to see religion as a barrier. I am glad he made this film but I suppose most who see it will be non-believer or a believer only interested in disproving it. It's hard to find people who really are just looking for truth. Most just want to validate what they already believe.

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