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December 23, 2008


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> Yet every time Paz asserted that a similar
> sort of quest is how the highest
> understanding of truth is attained, I
> couldn't help but think "This was your
> way, but is it everybody's way?"

Whenever someone makes a claim about "highest understanding," the obvious question is, "'Higher' by what standard? 'Higher' according to whom??"

Maybe I prefer sweetness to saltiness, so I'd say, "Ice cream has a higher taste than popcorn." This is just an expression of my own opinion, my own likes/dislikes. If I want to get some temporary good feelings, then ice cream will deliver them better than popcorn, according to my personal preference. That's all.

We've got our just-now experience, and then we can overlay it with any sort of thinking: spiritual/mundane, good/bad, higher/lower. It might be useful to recognize that all these dualities are made by thinking. That way, we won't exhaust ourselves chasing after "highest understanding," as if it were something that exists independently of our minds.

Ho, ho, ho to everyone. Enjoy the Pagan celebration of your choice!


Happy festivus!



Regarding the statement,

"As Aurobindo clarifies, such beings existed within their dimensions long before human consciousness arose, and are beyond all labels."

---Could the Angels be the phenomenal presence of a ineffible atemporal absense?
After all, Aurobindo supposedly clarifies this.

Roger, your question is as unanswerable and baffling as the whole notion in the book that angels and gods exist, but aren't evident.

Sure, anything could be the phenomenal presence of an atemporal absence. You, me, the entire universe. That's pretty much what Plato thought -- that materiality is the reflection of immaterial forms.

But who knows? Kick a stone and it hurts. Maybe that's an illusion, but it sure feels real.


I read through the link to, "Pushing Ultimates......," and Plumbell Publishing. If I order the book, within 48 hours, will I receive, in addition, a free copy of "Angels-Made Simple?" Haha...just teasing.

With that said, the noumenon/phenomenon discussion is rather enjoyable. Hopefully, there is more conversation to come.
Best wishes,

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