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December 06, 2008


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I had to give up on RSSB (after 30 years) because in my entire time in sant mat i never heard one original thought from any of the gurus. Same dogma over and over again. "science of the soul research center" is a joke. No research, on orginal statements, just dogma.

How can those gurus expect a person to live a life of extreme austerities without so much as a paragraph or verbal statement of inspiration as to what lies inside ? Of course if you don't know anything about higher consiousness it would be best to keep your mouth shut less you give away the secret.

The second reason is the dogma doesn't with stand the test of reason, e.g. "golden age" etc.

Sant Mat helped me move a step or two but, like a pleasant memory or good book, I lay it aside and move on to find answers to the questions, to find a way to the deepest purpose of life, *IF* there is one.

Anyway, check out the video at the bottom of this link. I found it inspiring.



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