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November 23, 2008


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"Everything" does not have to DO anything, in order to be everything.

Everything is ALREADY everything.... and so there is NOTHING that is or ever will be necessary, for anyone to do, or for there to be done.

So all of you foolish struggling Sant Maters... put THAT in your mystic pipe and smoke it.


Such a beautiful post.

Thank you.

i enjoyed this post very much.

Using my thinking, I agree :)

Your comment here shows you to be just as much an egotistical jerk as any true believer could be. The only difference I can see is that your arrogance is of a type that might be called "unholier-than-thou."

Why, thank you the compliment Mickey (ie: "egotistical")! I definitely hold a unique value and appreciation for my ego. *grin*

I am certainly not one of those goofballs who mistakenly thinks that they need to dissolve or be rid of their egos. I've got some news for them.

I must mention one little thing though... I haven't really noticed very much that these "true believers" (or perhaps 'defensive followers') that you mention, are so very "egotistical" at all... although some of them are certainly jerks. Most of them are just groveling fools.

And oh btw Mickey, apparently you didn't get the meaning and the gist of my comment at all, nor did you grasp the the little humor at the end of it. My comment was all related to Brians blog entry.

Also, for you to regard it as "arrogance" is just awfully dense and imperceptive, and your response shows that it pushed your defensive 'believer' buttons more than anything.

So... like don't take it (or yourself) all so seriously.

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