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November 21, 2008


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Brian, wonderful post, thank you so much, also lot of thanks especially to TAO and TUSCON for their valuable comments on this web. You write too good.

I am new here and have come to know about this web maybe two months before, though I haven't gone through all your posts, I have really loved all your posts, I've read.

It gives me a very good feeling that somebody associated with RSSB so long can express the truth.

I wait impatiently for your posts every alternative days as they make me feel good.

Thanks again for everything.

I also like de Mello, have both of those books and likewise haven't read them for a long time. Good reminders :)

"And that's what life is all about".
I love your writings, Brian, always have, always will. But loathe delusions - if that's what life is all about, please save me.
Elizabeth W

Elizabeth, my post ending was a bit tongue-in-cheek. But also, fairly serious.

Isn't life about living in harmony...with life? That's my goal, every day. When there's a pleasant interchange between me and what isn't me (animate or inanimate), I feel good. When there isn't, I don't feel so good.

I just learned that a crucial, vitally important, can't be missed football game this afternoon between Oregon State and Arizona actually is on our DISH network satellite system.

Joy! The newspapers showed it only on Comcast cable. I just profusely thanked my satellite dish. My day is now so much better. TV giveth, and TV can taketh away.

There may be more to life than feeling in harmony with life, giving and receiving, touching and being touched, speaking and listening, and so on, and so on, and so on.

But I'm not wise (or foolish) enough to know what it is. And I guess that's why I said, "And that's what life is all about."

I kidded when I demanded praise for my blog post. What I really was getting at is that we all are seeking something from life, and might as well be honest about that.

Some people have refined tastes; others have cruder tastes. I agree with you that there is something beyond tasting. But I don't believe it is possible to say what it is (still, tomorrow I'll probably try to talk about why it can't be said -- because that's pleasant for me).

Is life just about feeling good? These moments just come and go. Maybe we learn more when things aren't so good.

Being natural and being in the moment is not that easy ... dealing with our conditioning and programming ... being honest with oneself can be brutal and agonizing.

It helps if we can just become aware of what we are thinking, what we are saying, watching our feelings and emotions, our beliefs, our concepts ... our ego ... with a kind of detached manner, not being too critical.

In other words become the observer of the small self (or ego) going about its daily business.

... and Roger please don't ask me what 'just' means ... cheers.

Good one zenjen.

Even laugh about ourself at times..

great post! i love your blog.

Dear Brian,

When you stated: "...that's me" - was the "that" = "him" (= "Jesus Christ") or the "[o]ther types"?

Robert Paul Howard

Robert, I assumed it was obvious: I'm the "other types." The ones who are openly selfish and know it. I adore pleasure. I like getting what I like. I much prefer praise to criticism. Yes, that's me.

Thanks Sita. I agree, it is important to have a laugh at myself and not be too serious.

Pushing anything to the extreme can lead to undesirable counteractions.

I also think it is great that Brian can be so honest and maybe we are all kind of obsessed with self.

Okay, let's talk about ego.

I am going to enjoy this.

I used to go to RS satsangs, and they talk about ego as if it is this 'evil' thing we have to get rid of.

Then one day I realised that ego was not something 'out there' or even 'in here'.

Ego was ME. I was it.

"We have seen the enemy and it is us."

I think it was Winston Churchill who said that of something similar.

Well how about a paraphrase about the ego.
"I have seen the ego and it is ME...!"

What the heck is this thing called ego which according to the scriptures is the barrier between ME and GOD (or if you're not into GOD- then ME and IT (Oneness))

EGO is the sense of being a separate SELF.

Enlightenment is knowing there is no separate self - there is only ONE.

So what is spiritual EGO? Well that is when you feel PROUD about some ATTAINMENT (eg. SEVA, HUMILITY, MEDITATION, GIVING A GOOD TALK, LOSING THE EGO... Shall I go on???)

On a path like sant mat - you will get a highly inflated spiritual ego - because sant mat is based on DOING and ATTAINING. These lead to ego. The truth is you cannot avoid ego and if you do you will feel proud!!

Truth comes from NON-DOING - which comes from knowing there is no DOER. All is happening THROUGH you.

Kabir says "What has been done - YOU have done. I did nothing. How can I say I did it when YOU were inside me pulling the strings."

Well now, who is pulling the strings?

Osho, nicely said.

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