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November 17, 2008


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The Pastor stated, “...... because we understand that sex comes from God.”

Come on Pastor; tell me what you mean by that? What does Sex between a married man and woman mean? Pastor, you are just throwing out statements.

Explain the importance of the bed, in Sex that comes from God?
Does Sex become less important if it takes place on a living room sofa, or the garage work bench? Does one type of bed become better than another? Ok, enough with the bed questions.

What type of sexual position or acts is the better understanding of sex from God?
Is there a preferred sexual position in the eyes of God? My understanding, oral sex is ok with God. Saw a TV presentation, a few months back, on a national religious channel, stating that Jesus would approve the oral stuff between married man and wife.

The number of times per week is rather silly. The Pastor, (imo) is an opportunist.

The big question, “what should the true purpose of the Church be?” If I had to choose, would I go to church and learn how to communicate directly and absolutely with God, or learn about the, “understanding that sex comes from God?”

Everything is from God (JC):

Hunting, trapping, murder of gays, bombing of abortion clinics, Monica Lewinsky, Rush Limbaugh's "talent," Ted Haggard's talent,
Jesse Jackson, Jerry Wright, Al Sharpton, Amish puppy mills, RCC-Latino immigrants, La Raza..........oh my god and oh my jeezicks

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