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November 05, 2008


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Great post! I have one similiar in explainig what beliefs are and another on dogma. Words do often get in the way because of the many ways they can be used to describe feelings; but I often see 'faith' as a feeling of perception with out actually being able to see what you percieve. You can feel it and not see it. It is a feeling from the heart or soul.

On the other hand beliefs are of the mind. It is really an ego identification with a concept that has never been proven; but it fits your identity.


Wonderful post Brian. Thank you. But as our ex master used to say, when you have doubts, it is the negative power trying to dupe you. Be strong and ignore it. They have all bases covered. How did we ever escape?

Jeremy, reality works. It's more powerful than illusion. That's my best explanation for how people move closer to the truth, rather than further away. I'm an optimist in this regard, though obviously individuals and cultures can move backward as well as forward, reality-wise. The overall trend is upward, though.

Hey Brian,

I have often, well not really, but a few times have come to this site and found inspiration for an article I had in mind about one political thing or another.

That is apropos as you too were in the tank for Obama :) who knew?

I just made reservations for Gurinder's satsang in Petaluma. As you may know we are building a center here in Houston...which I have always BELIEVED would happen.

But in the meantime, in between time, Texans are to go to Petaluma CA for the 2009 Jul/Aug visit. Not sure if you are still involved with Santmat or if you and your wife plan to attend... but if you do perhaps we can have a meetup.

BTW good post.

Obama was using "believe" in his first slogan "Change you can believe in" and changed it to "Change we need" and I am glad he changed it because by definition belief needs no proof and is of the supernatural. And change like democracy is neither free nor fiat.


Netemara aka Heloise

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