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November 13, 2008


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Nice quotes. Thanks!

Another amazing post. It felt as if every word was already lingering on my tongue. The reality of no past or future on the gift of now. I guess that is why they call it present!!

Great Post...We all as beings should just stop dwelling on the past and the future and focus on the right now cause truly that is all we really have!!! thanks

Exactly. My experience is that I can experience things best if I have a healthy body, do what has to be done, use my discrimination, excercise my will when it's necessary. Otherwise, living in the moment could be destroying it too.

Surely we can discard ideas like "I'm spiritual, I'm seeking, I want to understand God, and get purity and awakening and enlightenment 'n' stuff."

Does it really help our lives to carry around ideas like that? Or equally burdensome thinking like "I've reached the end of spiritual searching."

Perceiving this moment and acting accordingly is all we've got, and it's enough. Brian says this teaching can be reduced to a page or 2. My Zen teacher did it in a couple sentences:

When you're sitting, just sit; when you're walking, just walk; when you're eating, just eat. When you're doing something, just DO it.


Stuart, what does "just" mean?

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