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October 17, 2008


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The following passage was rather splendid....I really enjoyed the read,

"Yet there are the occasional moments of grace, when we cease hoping for anything other than what is .................

Moments when nothing is missing, when there is nothing to either wish for or regret and when the question of possession is irrelevant ............................

…While we are living it, it is neither a concept, a reflection nor a comprehension. It is an experience. ...................The present is here, and it is all there is. It never vanishes; it continues. It changes ceaselessly; therefore it is unceasing. All is present; the present is all. All is true. All is eternal, here and now!"

I can see a simple truth, in the above. I'm reserving my absolute truth for something that I am currently clueless of.

I personally think the idea of *God* is to distract us from our spirituality from higher intelligent beings similar to the Ferengi in Star Trek where we are *sold* religion to believe we have to bow to the almighty God and we are all inferior beings.

It's true we are inferior only because we lost our higher sense as we get into the materialistic crap which big corporations over seas are selling to us without any quality control whatsoever and bypassing the insane regulations and fees.

America and other nations have become more and more materialistic in maxing out credit cards to buy that new home or car they can't really afford and our government continues the same practice under disguise of *public safety*.

Safety my ass!!!

We have truly lost who we are as spiritual beings and I am afraid our planet is going to self destruct from our harmful actions.

There is ample proof from in military documents and credible people former agents in the CIA to pilots in the armed forces in both in the USA and China that weather warfare is going on to make the climate change in order to control us and make profits setting up a one world government we all have to bow down to in order to be allowed to live.

Good people both Conservative and some Liberals have been delaying the end game which was suppose to have been in full effect by the late 90s with a electronic banking one world system.

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