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October 30, 2008


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I couldn't decide whether to post this under your "satguru" post or here since they are each a result of the other. I decided it didn't matter where I put this anymore than the direction one swipes a paint brush. As a "johnny come lately" to your party, I've been bouncing around reading comments and overall will be unlikely to add much to the knowledge base but a few personal observations.

This post of yours is so human and honest that not too many people will really "get" it's depth. I have a similar 60ish year rear-view mirror and have yet to find a way to quit glancing at it. But without that road behind us there is no way, in my opinion, to defeat the ego's need for greatness or to appreciated the smooth and simple road under us at this moment. I also find sheer beauty and a big smile in your need to given yourself permission to enjoy something you have deemed to be an insignificant action. The Butterfly Effect might unwittingly prove otherwise.

Thank you for the communion of Spirit that we are really all one and if one listen within, we find the same thing.

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