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October 23, 2008


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Dear Brian,

The "beast" will not die - no matter who is elected. It will always lie in waiting.

But (in passing) cf. Mk 9:40 (KJV): "For he that is not against us is on our part." (And cf. further to Lk 9:50.) The texts indicate that Jesus (supposedly) "said" more than just one thing.

Robert Paul Howard

There is always an opposing argument. The church that Obama attended for twenty years with Rev. Wright at the helm is pretty scary too, don't you think? Obama claims to be a devout Christian. He either has ridiculous religious beliefs like Palin, or he attended Wright's church for political expediency and is a liar.

Dear Brian (et al.),

In his interview, Dobson expresses his belief that "God's perfect will" will be done on November 4th, and Palin states that "the right thing will be done on November 4th." Not following Dobson's advice that we "don't believe the polls," however, this appears it will be the election of Obama - i.e., "God's will" (unless I stand corrected by upcoming history).

Anyone who so chooses might wish to examine Gil Alexander-Moegerle's 1997 book, _James Dobson's War on America_.

Robert Paul Howard

Dear Brian (et al.),

Since history has not corrected me, it appears that "God's will" has now been effected. One might hope that Dobson and Palin reaffirm their previous statements.

Others yet interested in the topic might be interested in the October 31, 2008, article found at http://dogemperor.dailykos.com/. Personally I fear that we have not heard the last of/from her.

Robert Paul Howard

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