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October 19, 2008


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Dear Brian
Below is a quote from an article on Boehme.It
is a worth while effort to read the whole article
as it expands on the idea of the Ungrund.The link
is at the end of the quote


The teaching of Boehme about the Ungrund was not all immediately worked out, and was as yet not there in the "Aurora. It answers the need of Boehme to penetrate the mystery of freedom, the origin of evil, the struggle of darkness and light. "For out of nature is God a Mysterium, i.e. the Nothing; for from out of nature is the Nothing, which is an eye of eternity, a groundless eye, which stands nowhere nor sees, for it is the Ungrund and the selfsame eye is a will, i.e. a longing for manifestation, to discern the Nothing"}.19 The Ungrund thus is the Nothing, the groundless eye of eternity, yet together with this it is will, without foundation, unfathomable and indeterminate will. But this -- is a Nothing, which is "ein Hunger zum Etwas" {"an hunger to be something"}.20 And together with this the Ungrund is freedom.21 Within the darkness of the Ungrund there is ablaze a fire and this is freedom, a freedom meonic with potential. According to Boehme, freedom is contrary to nature, but nature has issued forth from freedom. Freedom is a semblance of the Nothing, but from it issues something. The hunger of freedom, of the groundless will to something has to be satisfied: {"The Nothing loves to make itself manifest from out of freedom in the deathly darkness, for then the Nothing wills not to be the Nothing, and cannot be the Nothing"}.22 The freedom of the Ungrund is neither light, nor darkness, neither good, nor evil. Freedom lies within the darkness and thirsts for the light. And freedom is the cause of light.

The freedom of the Ungrund is radical and amoral because it cannot be limited by any particular direction of potential this way or that. It is will, but undirected hurricane-like will. It seeks manifestation. It seeks an "is" to its "not", because only through that out-acting can it in any wise descend to specifics, in any wise glimpse or know itself.


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