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October 11, 2008


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There is this emotional polarity between the Obama and McCain camps that is truly startling. Each side thinks the other candidate is Satan incarnate. Is one of these guys, or both of them, really that bad? Are roughly 50% of the population in the USA such complete ignorant idiots that they can't see how evil and wrong their guy is and can't see how brilliant and enlightened the other guy is?

Even McCain said yesterday that he thought Obama was a good family man that he simply disagrees with on some major issues, and Obama said he appreciated that remark and that McCain served this country with honor.

What is so bad about McCain that someone can facetiously say there are 439,816 reasons not to vote for him?

What has Obama done to unequivocally prove he is superior to that degree?

Do we really know what these guys can or will do in the president's chair? Is McCain really Bush revisited? Is Obama truly the One? How can we know?

People like to fuss about McCain's temper. I'm voting for Ross Perot. Now there is a guy with a firey temper who will not suffer fools lightly and can get things done. By the way, what ever happened to him? I guess I'll google and find out.

Actually, it appears that right now 40-45% are complete ignorant idiots.

10/12: Gallup Pres-Tracker: Obama 50%, McCain 43%
10/12: Hotline/Diageo Pres-Tracker: Obama 49%, McCain 41%
10/12: Rasmussen Pres-Tracker: Obama 51%, McCain 45%
10/12: Res. 2000 Pres-Tracker: Obama 53%, McCain 40%
10/12: Zogby Pres-Tracker: Obama 49%, McCain 43%

Or, does it appear that right now 55-60% are complete ignorant idiots?

Either way you look at it, that's a lot of complete ignorant idiots.

There have rarely, if ever, been any worse candidates than the incorrigible liar Palin and her cancerous clown McCain...

...or is it the lame-brained loser McCain and his clueless bimbo Palin?

Even the slightest thought of these two assholes armed with nukes and stumbling around the White House like a couple of fanatical retards, makes me feel sick enough to vomit.

So I'm praying my most heartfelt Churchless prayer that, come midnight on November 4, these two turds are flushed down the drain into political obscurity and historical oblivion where they belong. And good riddens.

well said Tao

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