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October 10, 2008


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I have an interesting reaction to this financial crisis as well. I have lost a lot of money on paper although it is still invested and could recover, but in any event I am not in danger of missing any meals or wandering homeless and naked in the streets much to the relief of parents of small children. "What's the matter with that man Mommy?"

Despite losses, I have a strange sort of satisfaction that finally something is happening to slow the wheels of the world consumeristic paradigm which has always seemed out of whack to me and obviously unsustainable. Maybe new ideas will be born and a new paradigm a la the 2012 predictions will manifest out of the ashes.

I sense we are just at the beginning of this thing which will play out for years to come.


I wonder if the "losses" are simply never going to come back. If the "fidelity cash reserves" tank, then I will need to borrow someone's underwear.

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