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October 25, 2008


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So true Brian

Isn't he a founder of a new business fool proof from the effects of financial crisis/strikes/prime material problems?

Or is he recruiting slaves?

These are all dirty tricks of the mind which is your biggest enemy and the mind plays these dirty tricks because of your past karmas.

One should absolute faith in the master otherwise he/she will be dragged by the bulldozer.In a short time I'll try to send some extracts of satsangs(discourses) and miracles by Baba Jaimal Singhji ( founder of RSSB) and by Baba Sawan Singhji- The Guru of Maharaj Charan Singh ji,which is a clear evidence that Satguru is God(only if you are in contact with his Radiant Form).

The proof that the present Satguru is God will be furnished to you after his death by his beloved successor.

Juan, you're entitled to your opinions. But that's all they are: opinions, beliefs, blind faith.

How is what you said different from what a Christian or Muslim would say about his or her religion? Fundamentalists say, "Keep believing, no matter what. Have faith, no matter what. You'll be saved after you die, so don't expect proof or evidence in this life."

It's fine to be religious in this way, which you are. But I'm into experiencing reality, not imagining what it might be.

"I too am shaming God, if he exists. I am an atheist to protest the fact that even if he exists he has not revealed himself clearly to his creatures, or shown us divine compassion. Even if there is a God after all, I will shame him for not providing sufficient evidence and reasons to believe."

---If there is a God, and he/she provides sufficient evidence, then why would One need to be trapped into having reasons to believe.

If One could absolutely be immersed in God's truth/evidence, then there is no need for a belief system!!!!!!

I NEED HELP: If a God provides testimony in the form of visual, oral or written information, or even an object, then how do I know that all that testimony is evidence, proof or a truth?

Thanks for any helpful replies,


If you are not into believing but into experiencing, then dear brother, why don't you keep on meditating just like your satguru said at the time of initiaton. You will then get all the answers.

Jay, I've experienced some thirty-five years of daily Sant Mat meditation. That was fine, and I gained something from it.

Now I'm experiencing other forms of meditation. And I'm getting more answers than I did from the Sant Mat variety.

As I said in my previous comment, are you aware how Christian-like you sound? "Keep on, and you will get all the answers." "Have faith in Jesus, and you will be saved."

What's the difference? Again, I'm into conducting an experiment, seeing what the results are, and then learning from what happened. Ignoring the results (or non-results) strikes me as too religious for my churchless soul.

If a satguru isn't God what is he? Strange question.

What is your perception of God? Why do you need to define God? What is your perception of satguru? Why do you need to define satguru? Everything comes from our own individual perception. How do you define yourself? Do you know who you really are?

How many lives have we been in existence, how many more we may have to be to continue our search, and then, if we don't search, what then, what is the point of living?

We are all drops from the same ocean, we all come from the same source. We are all the one and the same, every sentient being in the universe. In this life, here and now, we are soul and mind manifested in a physical form. At this point in time each one of us is the ultimate manifestation of all we have ever been. And yet we don't know who we really are because we are in this realm of illusion.

All we have to do is sit still, calm the ever restless mind, be patient enough to wait and even if we don't have experiences, we don't need miracles from the satguru to experience a strong sense of knowing. The inner being, our real being is a loving, kind, powerful spirit within and a part of the creator.

zenjen, I asked a question. You seem to have all the answers. How do you know what you claim to know? Throwing back your questions upon yourself...

How do you define yourself? How do you know who you are? How do you know we've had many lives? How do you know we are mind and soul embodied in a physical form?

I'm perplexed by how you can challenge my questions, and yet claim to know the answers to life's biggest questions.

"The inner being, our real being is a loving, kind, powerful spirit within and a part of the creator."

---Kinda reminds me of the "Neo Being" from the "Teacher," from days of the resent past.

I wonder, if the inner being and the Neo being were to meet, would they hit it off?

Does the creator love the Neo Being more, or less than the inner being?

I'm getting a headache, trying to figure out which is our "real" being. Someone help me.........

OK Roger my friend... I've got something for you Bro.

Perhaps watching and listening to this video will inspire you, cheer you up a tad, and soothe that uhh 'neo-nonsense' headache away:



Om Namah Shivaya

Hi Brian

Well, I am new to this internet stuff, please be patient with me.

...You say: "You seem to have all the answers".

I don't have the answers but I still have beliefs because I want to believe that I am one with this infinite creation and all that holds me back is this veil of illusion that stands between me and true knowledge. In other words I still need to actually experience that I am one with the creation.

I believe I have to empty out to be filled. At the same time there is a feeling of knowingness that comes from within, but then ... 'am I right?'.

So, no I don't have the answers, only beliefs.

...You ask: "How do you define yourself? How do you know who you are? How do you know we've had many lives? How do you know we are mind and soul embodied in a physical form?"

I try not to define myself. I don't know who I am. I don't know if I have had many lives, and that I am soul and mind in a human body but I would like to believe this just because it resonates with me. Perhaps I am on a more feeling level, intuitive and instinctive.

All I can say is, I am on this quest, wanting to find who I really am, who we really are and what life is really all about. So I have to be patient and in the moment, just experiencing each moment and being aware and mindful. Just waiting to wake up.

A bit more about myself - I am a satsangi. I was initiated by Maharaj Charan Singh in 1968. And yep, I am one big question mark still - and thats okay.

I don't go to satsang very much because of the kind of religious, dogmatic attitude I find there, so I am a bit of a fringe dweller.

This is an interesting experience you know, putting myself out there into cyberspace, hearing myself being dogmatic as well! When I read this back I know I will cringe a bit.

I find I resonate more with the zen and taoist teachings now, I like to think probably because of past life experiences. I don't know of course!

Thanks for your reply. I enjoy reading this website very much.


ps: Roger,

Is the "Neo Being" from "The Matrix' ? If so, I will have to watch it again.

and tAo,

I will also watch the Youtube you suggest.

I really enjoy reading your blogs you guys.

Hi Tao,

Long time no see, I guess you have been biking and checking out the chicks. Thanks for the video, kool music, but same ole symbolic visuals.


Interesting transformation from your initial comment to your second.

Based on your zen and taoist teachings, could you write a comment that explains your beliefs in further detail? Sounds like a fascinating read. In addition, your understanding of "beings" would be a joy to read.

I'm not sure where the Neo-Being came from. Then, maybe its an intity from Neo-Modernism.

Hi Roger,

Its difficult commenting on the zen and taoist teachings because each individual will understand or not understand in their own way. There seems to be a kind of understanding which I somehow feel within.

Buddhists say that original mind is just a pure stream of consciousness and that meditation clears the clutter which is blocking this clear stream and then we can know who we are.

My favourite zen koan is: "Thinking neither of good nor of evil, at this very moment, what is your original nature?"

Because I am this strange sort of combination of satsangi and zen person (which some will find weird), I also believe in a soul.

I do believe that within each one of us our soul or 'spirit being' is very loving and kind, compassionate, all knowing and very powerful.

My path IS the search and what an amazing and wonderful path. What could ever be better than this.


zenjen, thanks for the comment clarifications. Your second message had a lot more question marks -- which I can resonate with. It seems to be a more accurate reflection of you than your somewhat dogmatic-sounding first comment.

I feel like I know, more or less, where you're coming from. In my thirty odd years of Sant Mat-ness I too embraced a quasi-Buddhist / Taoist approach. In my case, the contradictions between what I believed and how I acted grew too great.

I mean, I finally realized that I really did believe much more in the not-knowingness of Taoism and Buddhism than the dogma of Sant Mat, which has well-defined beliefs about the afterlife, soul, mind, regions of creation, and so on.

You have found a way to reconcile non-Taoist/Buddhist beliefs with an approach to life that embodies these philosophies. That's fine. It's good that you recognize this. I also like how you recognize that you want to believe certain things, even if they aren't true.

That's honest. We all do that to some extent. The difference is that religious believers don't see that "wanting to believe" is different from both "believing" and "knowing."


Hey there Bro. No bike ridin for me lately. I tore a muscle in my upper left chest pretty bad, and I also strained my left leg as well. It's been painful and somewhat difficult to work my left arm, chest, and shoulder muscles, and it's taking a hell of a longer time to heal than I expected. Bummer. Happened about 3 weeks ago - I was doing some heavier weight-lifting in the gym.

As for that video, I thought you would like it.... maybe. It's a synthesis of indian chant and reggae.

But you sounded as if you didn't like the "same ole symbolic visuals"... I myself thought the visuals (and the lyrics) were just perfect.

Anyway dude... it's just a "kool" music video, not some religious trip. So no need to be too critical. The visuals are there to vibe with the music - to accompany and embellish the song lyrics and the music.

Maybe see it again a couple of times and perhaps it will grow a little on you:


And here is another indian/reggae style:


And here is one with some visuals that you may like a bit more:


And last but not least, I'm pulling for Barack OBAMA and here's why:


Hi tAo,
Sorry you hurt yourself.Feel better soon


Thanks for the videos,

---I liked the video, just not into hand waving and lotus postions. No big deal.

---Loved the music and enjoyed the visuals. I need to find out the name of that guitar.

---Thoroughly, loved the visuals, however the music sucked. I'm such a picky bastard.

---SWEET JESUS!!!! Is that a white boy, a hip-hoppin or rappin?

Again, thanks for the video, hope you feel better soon.

Dear friends

I have few lines for you to read and ponder. I shall love to respond a sicere question. Love to all.

I was dead, I came alive
I was tears, I became laughter

All because of love, when it arrived
My temporal life, from then on changed to eternal

Love said to me, you are not crazy enough
You don't fit this house

I went and became crazy
Crazy enough, to be in chains

Love said you are not intoxicated enough
You don't fit the group

I went and got drunk
Drunk enough to overflow, with light-headedness

Love said you are still too clever
Filled with imagination and skepticism

I went and became gullible
And in fright pulled away from it all

Love said you are a candle
Attracting everyone gathering every one around you

I am no more a candle spreading light
I gather no more crowds, and like smoke

I am all scattered now

Love said you are a teacher
You are a head and for everyone, you are a leader

I am no more not a teacher, not a leader
Just a servant to your wishes

Love said you already have your own wings
I will not give you more feathers

And then my heart pulled itself apart
And filled to the brim with a new light

Overflowed with fresh life

Now even the heavens are thankful that
Because of love I have become the giver of light

If a satguru isn't God, what is he?

A man who cons people into believing what he was conned into believing by the bloke who was conned......ad nauseum.

Oh, Btw..he enjoys the power that comes when he sees the suckers in front of him lapping it up.

If a position is available for a SATGURU or just a GURU or even an UNDERGURU....please let me know. I promise to lead you all to the promised land....honest i do ....pinkie promise


but... are you a vegetarian?

You might be able find a position as a 'maverick' guru, if you promise to make a lot of empty promises that you won't ever keep. Try advertising in the Wasilla, Alaska classifieds.

If that doesn't work, you can always try out as an assistant to the real guru, the Love Guru... Guru Pitka:

Guru Pitka's YouTube channel:


Guru Pitka's website:


The Love Guru movie site:


The Love Guru Pitka: The second-best guru in India (second to none)...

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

Watch "The Love Guru" for free online:


Satguru is God!

In Sant Mat god is always down on earth in the form of Satguru/Sant.

Sant Aid Shankara writes;
Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara. Guru Sakshath Parambrahma, Tasmai Shri Gurave Namaha.

(Guru is the creator Brahma, Guru is the preserver Vishnu, Guru is the destroyer Siva. Guru is directly the supreme spirit — I offer my salutations to this Guru.)

Look Sants and Satgurus do not muck about and be silly. They are real incartions of God who lead there disciples to liberation. Many Sants do not reveal themselves to the world, due to the issues which other Sants in past, like Jesus suffered in the past.

Lets put it this way Jesus was a Satguru. Krishna was a Satguru.Kabir Sahib was a Satguru. Guru Nanak was a Satguru. Gautama Buddha was a Satguru. God is always down on earth in the form of a Satguru.

Look the Satguru is perfect, as he is enlightened(escaped the powers of Maya.

God comes down to earth in the form of a Satguru to save Atmans. As the purpose of the human life is to escape Maya(and its cycle of life and death,full of suffering and evil) and achieve Such Khand/Moksha. As the human life is the only life which this is ,possible in.

Otherwise others say that Sants and Satgurus are not God, because they do not understand Sant Mat's teachings.

"God comes down to earth in the form of a Satguru to save Atmans."
quote Jai

So. God is not powerful enough to save
atmans from his throne in sach kand,
without coming down. ?

Couldn't he just snap his fingers
from above ?

At least we can say one good thing
about the Guru.

He is not a lazy ass.

Jai Chandrana, you wrote,Otherwise others say that Sants and Satgurus are not God, because they do not understand Sant Mat's teachings.

Is it possible for anyone to understand Sant Mat's teachings without the grace of Almighty Babaji Don Gurinder Singh Dhillon?

nope it ain't possible.. simple as


I suppose it is possible to understand Sant Mats teachings without a living Satguru. Although, only a living Satguru, can teach you the true and proper teachings, and secrets of the path and take you up to Enlightenment/Moksha or Such Khand.

Besides, it is better for God to come down to earth in the form of a Satguru(or saguna God.) As it will be much easier, for this saguna God, to take an Atman/Soul to the Nirguna God(Such Khand.)Rather, than the Nirguna, God taking the disciple to Such Khand, in very hard telepathic communications. As Lord Krishna, said in the Gita; "the Saguna God, takes you to the Nirguna God", therefore both are needed to achieve Enlightenment/Such Khand.


"Guru is Shiva sans his three eyes,
Vishnu sans his four arms
Brahma sans his four heads.
He is parama Shiva himself in human form"
~ Brahmanda Puran

When this text says guru, it means Satguru and when the word sans, is used, it means without.

This proves that the Satguru is GOD!!!!!!!!!!

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