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October 27, 2008


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Brian: It's virtually impossible to comment on "nothing". It appears no one else has nothing to say about this either, up to this point in time. Which brings me to my comment: The existence of nothingness assumes that there is a time factor involved. Time must be moving forward as we perceive it in our existence in this world to define an existence in nothingness. If on the other hand, time doesn't exist outside of our consciousnesses in this life then nothingness can't exist either. If time is in fact a vertical line instead of a horizontal line outside of this physical existence we call life, then nothingness after death has no existence because everything exists at one moment all at the same time.

I will now take the marbles out of my mouth.

nice thoughts Radiohead.

It is virtually impossible to talk of nothingness, but I also have thought about our collective 6 billion little movies we are all filming with our senses, our brains automatically organizing them into stories about ourselves and those around us. This sense of linearity surely depends on us.

Hi,have you ever considered to stop thinking and worring about death,since she does not exist?Like stop thinking and worring about werewolves?Have you ever questioned why do you are eager to know were lies beyond death?

Paulo, I'm not sure what you mean by "does not exist." Death obviously exists. Are you saying it doesn't?

However, if you mean that awareness of being dead does not exist, I agree with you. After all, if we're aware, we're not dead, so we can't be aware of being dead.

But we can be aware of death, because we see other living beings dying.

If the awareness of being dead does not exist,death does not exist either.The only thing that exists is experience,if death is the absence of experience,she really does not exist,is just some fairy tale!

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