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September 14, 2008


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Holy Fuck! I love this!

So are we aware of, or connected somehow
to, our other duplicates ?

Being that we don't have a self,
it might seem that we are not. (?)

There could be multiple imagined universes occupied by imagined duplicate selves.

Like when two mirrors are placed facing each other with an object in the middle and the image of the object is reflected back and forth infititely without end from one mirror to the other.

Look tucson,

I was having a hard enough time
on the subject of multi universes
and multiple images of myself in these multiple universes.

Now you make it even more complicated.
After reading your post on infinite
mirrors, I noticed steam started coming
out of my head.

I glowed red like a fireball
and I had to dunk my head in the bath
tub to cool off.

Now I really don't know WHO I AM.


Yes, this mirror thing can blow 'you' to smithereens.

Don't worry though. It's all imaginary.


I have, from time to time, referred satsangi friends and acquaintences to both your work on "Secret History" and David Lane's research as well. It is amazing that these satsangis continue to keep the faith, and even more amazingly, remain friendly with me. Or, maybe they're just being polite and tolerant of their wayward infidel friend.

I can understand why they want to follow their phoney (imo) guru. There is comfort in believing you are being taken care of and that the mysteries of life will be unraveled, but it really upsets me when I see them pass up all the tasty cheeses made with rennet or my wife's superb gluten-free muffins that contain unfertilized eggs. One bite and the fruit of years of meditation goes down the drain I guess. Oh well.

There is no way, no way at all, that I could remain faithful to RS even if a fraction of what you guys have presented is true. However, my departure from RS was a result of personal evolution and the common sense realization that I had no logical grounds upon which to base my faith. Who is this guy that is supposed to be a "master"? How do I know what he is or can do? Even if he flew in on a magic carpet that would prove nothing.

I was at a satsang once many years ago given by, of all people, David Lane who spoke eloquently on the greatness and need of a perfect master, in this case, Charan Singh. Since then, in emails, we expressed our amazement how we ever could have bought into the RS dogma and cosmology.

It can be rough at first facing the seas of infinity in a boat without the oars of faith until, that is, it is seen that there is no boat. Only the sea my friends. Only the sea.

Hi Tucson,

I had an unusual view of Radhasoami
having been in all groups.

Seen it from every angle.

Lost track of how many Gurus
initiated me and how many groups
I have studied.

My experience seems to match
U. G. Krishnamurti.

Seeing these Gurus behind the scenes
is key to understanding them. It is not
what they SAY on camera that matters.

It is what these Gurus DO off camera
that is the tell. I always got behind
the scenes.

So, when I listen to people talk about
these Gurus now days, I am astonished.

Because, what is said about these Gurus
is almost totally incorrect.

These Gurus are nothing like what
people say they are now a days.

I can't believe they are talking about
Gurus I knew and pretending such
insight on them, with such authority.

It's all bull crap.

Some of these Gurus were incredibly
nice people. Some were literally

Yet, I find my opinions, having known
these Gurus, completely opposite of
everyone else.

These Gurus were extremely conflicted.

Some very intelligent, others of
extreme simplicity. Some wonderful
people, some angry and bitter, full
of venemous hate.

But, what was most interesting, is what
these high powered Gurus thought of
each other.

For instance, David Lane once said Darshan
Singh gave him a message to give
to Charan Singh. That being, Darshan wished
he could be the shoe laces on his boots.

People didn't believe Dave. But, that is
exactly what happens behind the scenes.

When I knew all these Gurus, they were
aware of my relationship with Jiddo

They would ask me all types of questions
about him and then give me messages to
give to Jiddo Krishnamurti.

This happened with other Gurus whom
found out I knew other Gurus.
I passed messages between them.

These Gurus all know of each other.

They copy each other.

They mimic success. They read each
others books. Even Ramana Maharshi
had a full book case of other Gurus.
Surprising ?

But, behind the scenes, they know
who the best Gurus are. Because many
actually believe what they teach
and can admire another Guru.

Notice Gurinder is now changing towards
a jnani type yoga ?

In India, it has long been yogic
tradition, the jnani is the highest

Not the kundalini master. The Gurus all know

Because they all know ONLY the jnani is

The general public does not know this,
or they would switch masters if their
Guru told them so.

So, at a very young age, I was finding
out that the jnani was highest from
these Gurus.

Yet, there are mostly fake jnanis,
such as Osho (Rajneesh). They can
parrot the real jnani with remarkable
similarity. Bubba Free John, was a
remarkable parrot of the jnani, although his master was of kundalini origin, Free John was mostly teaching jnani. I believe
he transposed Alan Watts a lot.

The Zen do a good job of parroting
the jnani.

Only an extremely honest person
can ever find the truth.

A truly honest person.

The truth is the most painful
experience in the world.

It would be easier to invade the beaches
of Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal, then
to deal with the truth.

Quote U. G. Krishnamurti :
"If people knew what enlightenment
was, they would not touch it with
a ten foot barge pole."

Quote Susan Blackmore :
"No one is experiencing.... experience".


I want to join with

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